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Sep 22, 2009 12:06 PM

Nice dinner - Girasole, Hungry Cat, Chameau, Animal, Campanile or Grace?

My father is coming into town next weekend and taking me out to a nice dinner. He enjoys good food and I want to try a place I"ve never been. I don't want the prices to get too crazy but have heard good things about all of the places above (Girasole, Hungry Cat, Chameau, Animal, Campanile and Grace), but would love further guidance!

In the past we have gone to Lucques (loved it), the Lobster (eh) and Josie (yum). I always want to go back to Lucques but would like to branch out. As you may guess by the locations of the above we will be coming from the Grove area and don't really want to venture to Santa Monica, so looking mostly in the West Hollywood/Beverly/La Brea area but that isn't hard and fast.

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  1. If you are a member of KCRW and have a membership card, you can get 15% off at Grace, including alcohol. Card has to be shown at the time of ordering.

    1. out of the places you've mentioned i've been to Grace, Animal, Lucques, Chameau, and Campanile. I agree- Lucques is amazing and i need to get back there! My fave of the above is Grace. It's just overall elegant especially compared to the atomophere at Animal. the Salmon at Grace is still on my list of best pieces of fish i've ever had (though so is the tuna at Lucque). they were both just memorable meals. Grace is just lovely. you can't go wrong. i really liked Chameau also and when i went, early on a thursday evening we had the place to ourselves. if you really want to work with lower prices however and want a delish meal, have you ever been to Cafe Angeli on Melrose? Just a thought.

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        Price isn't a huge issue, just don't want it to get to be Providence level pricing. Cafe Angeli is a favorite, but have been there recently so I'm going to try to continue to explore.

      2. Campanile is such an LA staple. Hard to imagine coming here, eating well and not going to Campanile. Plus Suzanne Goin from Lucques was the former chef at Campanile so you'll be getting a change while still enjoying the seasonal market driven menu that Mark Peel specializes in. But as another option, you could also always go to Goin's AOC (small plates) which is one of my favorite restaurants in the city.