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Sep 22, 2009 12:04 PM

Need Friday lunch rec in Murray Hill

Heading to NY for the NYY v. BOS games - GOOOO Yankees!. We're staying at the Affinia Shelburne while in town. Any good recs for lunch spots in the area? We usually head down to SOHO or the Village for Pizza since we can't get good pizza in Philly.
No limitations on price or food type..but casual would be preferred.

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  1. Rare in your hotel lobby does a good burger.

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    1. Penelope - lex and 30th
      Its not murray hill, but its not that far....The Smith - 3rd btwn 10th and 11th
      Vezzo for Pizza lex/31st
      pio pio for peruvian chicken34th/2nd and 3rd
      Artisinal -YUM 32nd/mad and park

      1. I second Vezzo and Penelope. Also Blue Smoke (27th & Lex). If you want a sports bar (considering you're going to game), Brother Jimmy's is at Lex & 31st.

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          Penelope is one of my favorites but if it's a guy's pre-game lunch it might not be the spot. It's a little feminine but my boyfriend loves it though says he probably wouldn't head there with his male friends.

          I do second Vezzo and Blue Smoke. Brother Jimmy's is not the best bbq but it's in murray hill and pretty good!

            1. re: smokeandapancake

              No, it's not a guys pre-game lunch. It's just me and my boyfriend. If the weather is nice enough maybe we can grab takeout and sit in Bryant Park (one of my fave parks in the city). Any good take out in the area?

              1. re: jl0328

                Yes, Bryant Park is a delight!

                For take-out (or eating in), I'd head to Sarge's, on 3rd, b/t 37th & 38th Sts. The pastrami is first-rate! Good coleslaw as well.

                1. re: jl0328

                  or you can head to grand central food court...juniors, zocala, brother jimmy' can get chinese, falafel, indian food or even a hot dog and a pretzel...

          1. grab burgers at shake shack, sit in madison square park. Inoteca, you can sit outside. I would skip penelope and even rare i wouldn't go to. blue smoke is a good idea as well as vezzo (ask for garlic or salt on pizza, very bland without). i prefer patsys which is also in the neighborhood.

            1. We live in Murray Hill and here are some lunch suggestions:
              Rare, Dukes and El Rio Grande just down 37 at 3rd, Byblos (middle Eastern) 39 just W of 3rd, Penelope, Fagiolini 38 & Lex, Sarges Deli 3rd bet 37&38. Hudson Place on the E Side of 3rd and 36th??. There are also a number of Sushi places on 3rd bet 40 and 34 that are all good. I like Hane on the corner of 39th. For pizza I walk down to Totonno's on 2nd ave in the 20's. Patsy's on 3rd is also good.