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Sep 22, 2009 11:59 AM

Brunch: Holders or Le Cartet?

So this saturday I'm planning on going to brunch with a bunch of my friends, and being the organizer, I was wondering which one would be better? I've heard positive reviews on both but I need a bit of nudging in one direction or the other :P

The price is not an issue right now, because after checking the menu online, it seems to be reasonable. I was just wondering about other people's experiences.


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    1. If you've never been to either, they're both quite different. I don't know if Le Cartet takes reservations, but Holder should - and if you're going with a large group, that might make a difference. Just something to consider...

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        In that area, there is also Vallier who makes a good brunch and is a pleasant place to spend time in; I stumbled on this
        website that reviews anything brunch in Montreal.

        1. Cartet has better food hands down although it is packed and reservations are impossible, Holder is good and similar to Vallier which is nearby. You can also consider L'orignal, suite 701, verses bar and Le Saint Sulpice to name a few. These are all in the same area and in walking distance. There's also a page with a map of brunch places in Montreal on the site mentioned at the 8:47 post