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Sep 22, 2009 11:49 AM

Wedding Gift for Foodies

My best friend is about to get married. And I'd love to give her and her husband-to-be an off-registry gift (gift certificate for a cooking class, wine tour, tasting menu, etc.).

Do you have any recommendations for an incredible food and/or drink experience in Austin?

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  1. Jeff Blank (Hudson's on the Bend) does some pretty cool cooking classes at his home. Not sure how often they run, but have heard good things about them.
    The Hill Country Holiday Wine Trail is pretty cool. You buy a wreath and each vineyard gives you a customized ornament when you visit for the tasting. (Arranging transportation would be a great idea so they wouldn't have to worry about driving)

    The Chef's tasting menu at Restaurant Jezebel is still my all time favorite meal in Austin.

    1. Are the couple from Austin?

      1. How about a CSA subscription? Fresh veggies for a half year/year would make a great wedding gift. Likewise, check out Dai Due for classes/dinners. That might also be a terrific gift.

        1. Another idea is to put together a gift basket filled with Central Texas foods and wines. Or even better, I also had the idea of gifting a locally made cutting board. Although I don't specifically know of a Texas company that makes their own cutting boards, it seems like one must exist.

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            I think I saw Texas Made cutting boards in a store in Downtown Wimberley. I wish I could remember the name, but there is only two or three right down town.