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Sep 22, 2009 11:43 AM

Latest W SGV Openings & Closings

Noodle World on Valley turned itself into Naga Naga Ramen over the weekend. Per earliest twitter report: - "it was okay...i didnt hate it. the chashu mos def needs improvement; the broth had fried shallots ala ajisen."

The much maligned Corner House on New Ave / Valley has changed ownership and turned to Roco Corner House last week. Take-out Hainan chicken (regular, or soy) remains $3. Still tons of dinner specials.

Mama's, per J Gold's scouting comment here: , has opened in the old Vege House space over the weekend, on Valley Blvd. Their beef rolls are superior to 101 Express, ironic she chose the same plaza as the other famous beef roll joint.

Peach House, is, as previously reported, closed.

The "coming soon" sign for Tip Top Sandwiches' on Valley, in Rosemead, is finally off the building. No opening date, no further signage, no further interior improvements. "For lease" sign remains on building. Food GPS' belated report in Feb: That sign was on the building for at least a year.

Banh Mi Che Cali's latest branch, on Garvey/Kelburn in Rosemead, finally began interior build-out a month or so back.

The crazy Japanese pizza joint, "Straw Berry Cones", is slated to open in the old Juseed space (Hilton Plaza), next to Xiang Wei Lou.

The new-ish exotic Asian fruit store on Garvey (same plaza as Kim Ky in Rosemead) is doing brisk business. You can buy whole jack fruits, mangosteens, durian, etc.

The Hunan restaurant meant to take the place of 88 Tofu (529 E Valley Blvd San Gabriel, CA 91776), same plaza as Uncle Chen's, has lost previous signage. No new exterior sign up.

Pho Ha has removed their 50% pho ga special, again.

Hey, Eater LA's plywood report doesn't cover the 626. Someone's gotta do this. Feel free to contribute.

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    1. goodness gracious you did a ton of homework. Not surrpised about the whole Corner House closure, but wondering if something decent will take its place.

      1. Thanks for the update and for motivating me to take a drive down Valley Bl. Rico Corner House is trying to be all things to all people. It's a H.K. style cafe. It's a Taiwanese deli. It's a Tibetan place (featuring food alternately described as "Tibet Grill" and "Tibet Barbecued." ) It's a Japanese curry house. It's a Hong Kong curry house. They do try to drum up business-signs with their various specialties line the perimeter of the parking lot. I feel sorry for the guy they sent out onto the street in the 104° heat to hold a sign and lure people into the establishment.

        Mama's Kitchen on Valley appears to be a relocation from its previous spot on New Ave., which looked empty when I drove by.

        Headed over to San Gabriel Square we find that FANTASY EATERY is gone. (I hadn't been to San Gabriel Square in a while, so it may have been gone for a while.) That leaves L.A. without a Toronto based Chinese restaurant for the first time in 3 years (i.e., the period of time that Fantasy Eatery was open). Frankly I never understood why Fantasy Eatery opened up here, since it's not one of the biggest names in Toronto. It'd be like Sam Woo BBQ opening in Toronto--wait, they already did that. In Fantasy Eatery's place is Shanghai Restaurant, which I believe moved from the adjacent space, which is now vacant. I had heard someone from the old country say that Shanghai Restaurant was the best Shanghai style restaurant in the SGV, so maybe moving into substantially larger quarters might validate this thought.

        Also the Taiwanese shave ice place on the first floor (Cafe 108) of the center is gone. It's been replaced by Cool Spot, a completely different kind of operation. Boba drinks, desserts and hot snacks (e.g., dumplings). Permanent seating--real booths rather than those folding tables and chairs. Don't recall seeing any shave ice on the menu.

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        1. re: Chandavkl

          Cool Spot does have shaved ice. However, you order it off the menu, and they now use the substandard process of using ice cubes and crushing the ice, rather than truly shaving the ice off of a large piece of ice. Also, it now costs $3.99 for a shaved ice with 3 toppings versus the prior cost of approximately $3.00.