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Sep 22, 2009 11:32 AM

Dinner ideas for tonight - downtown Toronto

Hi all,

Got to pick a place for dinner tonight, ideally within walking or short cab distance of Union. No steak houses. There is no budget (broker is picking it up), but I don't want to go anywhere where the linens are too white, due to the nature of my dining party (agressive traders). Any ideas? I'd like to hit a place where the food is chowhoundish, and has a decent scene without being too staid or prententious.


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    1. Rain just reopened as Ame and I enjoyed my meal there a few weeks ago. The food is chowhoundish for sure and I really like the reno of the space. No white linen in sight. It is on Mercer street.

      1. Bymark. good food and not a stuff atmosphere. something for everyone on the menu.

        1. colborne lane, nota bene, bymark, canoe, jump....don't worry about the linens-they can be washed!