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Sunday Brunch Near Penn Station

Need a suggestion for a nice place for an early Sunday brunch. Regular brunch menu is fine. Thanks!

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  1. Last time I looked into this, I ended up at the Skylight Diner. It's just a diner, but the food was really good.


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        I'm sure I had whatever they call their version of the hungryman (i.e., eggs, pancakes, bacon, sausage, etc.). Either that or an omelette and pancakes. I like a mix of both sweet and savory with my breakfasts!

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          The hungryman i think is the Jack (they have the Jack and the Jill I believe) or something along those lines. I order it sometimes and it's pretty good!

    1. Best place around is Penelope's but it's a little walk - it's at 30th and Lexington.

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        I second Penelope's. It's one of my favorite brunch spots.

        1. Or The Breslin at the Ace Hotel

            1. Try Friedmans on 30th between 6th an 7th. Don't much care for the shop they have in Chelsea Market but this location is a welcome addition to Penn Station neighborhood

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                Friedman's is on 31 st. Yesterday I tried American Whiskey on 30th (8-9), and was wowed by their duck confit hash. The rest of the menu also looked interesting. Altho the decor is down-home bar, I will definitely return.

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                  ah yes- thank you for the correction. auto pilot is as dangerous as auto spell check

              2. Maysville

                Oops - sorry, saw this was a 5 yr old thread resurrected