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Sep 22, 2009 11:16 AM

Ken's Noodle House closed tomorrow...what else

Hi all,

Need to hang out at the Herb Chambers dealership on Commonwealth Ave tomorrow and was planning on taking my daughter to Ken's to pass the time. My ramen-loving 17-year-old has heard about Ken's forever but they are closed Wednesday. Any other great spots within walking distance?


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  1. Shanghai Gate is just around the corner on Harvard St. Keep walking on Harvard toward Beacon and there is Dok Bua, Anna's Taqueria, B. Good, Commella's, Dorado, Zaftigs, and lots more. If you want a noodle house, there is one one Beacon, just around the west corner of Harvard. In the other direction, there is Soul Fire (bbq) on Harvard Ave, and I'm sure someone will be here shortly to recite what else is one that street in Allston!

    1. Not ramen, but you can get noodle dishes at the two Korean stalls in the HKM food court -- I can never remember which one of them is supposed to be the good one -- or various types of fried noodles at Kantin (I like to order the pan-fried noodles with char siu and mixed vegetables: it's not on the menu, but they'll make it if you ask), or bun at PhoViet, or various Thai noodle dishes at Smile Thai...lots of good carbs to be had in there even when Ken's is closed!

      1. That's a tough one....I am hugely disappointed when craving ramen and get it. Nothing else will do!

        That said, as I was walking to Ken's on Saturday I saw a couple eating noodle soup that must have been from the Korean places mentioned above, and they looked pretty good I must say, I almost stopped to try and am meaning to get back there. I've also heard that the noodle soup at Buk Kyung is pretty good (seafood). I bet the ones from Wisteria House are ok too, and finally, there's always wonton noodle soup, though I was unimpressed with the one at Kantin.

        FYI, I saw a sign at Ken's saying they will be closed this Thursday as well (maybe confirm, I was reading it backwards in the mirror; tried to sit at the bar but the place was mobbed!).

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          I haven't tried the others you mention, but the fish noodle soup from Wisteria House was pretty meh, just hot,not exciting...Anything I've had from the Korean place in back has been great, tho...

        2. If you're really set on ramen in some form, the Korean place in the food court offers rabokki (mixed ramen and ddeokbokki). It's not a great rendition, but serviceable-- I'd put it about on a par with Color, around the corner on Harvard.

          If you want to take a little walk down Harvard, Shiki is great, and they have some noodles, too -- not ramen, but they have udon and soba, I think.