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Sep 22, 2009 10:58 AM

LV - Aureole, Stripsteak or Charlie Palmer

My partner and I are going to see a Sunday, 4pm show of the Lion King at Mandalay Bay. I am trying to decide which dinner would be best afterwards. I want to take advantage of the theatre menus or Sunday Supper. A couple of things - she is pregnant and can't eat raw foods, etc. and we would like to keep it around Mandalay Bay or near our hotel, Caesars. Also, I am allergic to shellfish : ( , but we love food, for example, on a recent trip to Chicago we had amazing experiences at Tru and Topolobampo. We won't be spending as much cash this trip so that's why we are trying to take advantage of special offerings.

Any advice (or other suggestions) is greatly appreciated!!

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  1. You won't go wrong with any of those places. I'd opt for Charlie Palmer though. Sundays they serve the Italian-themed prix fixe which is out of sight.

    That said, I've had some wonderful meals at Aureole. It's one of my favorites in town for a great meal is the barely "sub-5star" category. No it's not Alex or Guy Savoy but is far less expensive and just a small notch below. I've not tried their pre-theatre menu, but the ala carte and tasting are highly recommended.

    I loved Topolobampo as well. Seems like they really get Mexican food right there. By this I mean, no combination plates, oversauced, overly cheesy dishes which are more American than Mexican. In all my trips to Mexico, I've still never seem sour cream glopped on anything. I have not yet found anything similar in Vegas, although from what I hear La Madonna seems interesting. Cafe Elote in Sedona and El Agave in San Diego are great restaurants in the same class as Topolo.