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Sep 22, 2009 10:27 AM

Cheap Birthday Dinner

Hey, I need a lot of help.
My friend invited our other friend out for dinner for her birthday and I was gonig to make a reservation at Palate in Glendale. The birthday girl wanted to go to Grandville in Burbank but I hate that place and the prices are not much more at Palate. Then the person who's idea the dinner was just told me he can't spend more than $45 total. That's for him, his wife, and a portion of the birthday girls dinner. I'm at a loss as to find a place in that price range that is good around the Burbank/Glendale/NOHO/Eagle Rock area. I don't care what kind of food it is at this point.

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  1. Casa Bianca in Eagle Rock, perhaps? Large pizza, large anti pasti salad (to share), a pitcher of root beer, and a carafe of vino. Probably around $15 per person...

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      Casa Bianca was what I was thinking too. I've never been here is the pasta as good as the pizza?

      1. re: pudd

        Never tried the pasta... The anti pasto salad (mentioned above, and which obviously contains no pasta), on the other hand, I really enjoy. The large easily serves 4-6 people, but even the small would serve 3-4 people. Lettuce/veggies/cheeses/meats, etc. Nothin fancy, here, mind you. I try to fill up on the anti pasto salad, and thus eat less of the addictive pizza. Get the pizza 'well done', if you like 'em crispy... Not everyone likes Casa Bianca (or the long wait for a table during busy hours), but its just right for an inexpensive and ultra casual dinner among friends. For pizza purists and wine afficianados, not so much...

    2. How about La Cabanita on Verdugo Blvd.?

      1. Carousel in Glendale for Lebanese food should be doable at that price point (one caveat - IIRC if you go on Friday or Saturday they have "entertainment" and the prices are higher than you wanted to pay) I would think.