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Sep 22, 2009 10:18 AM

Providence Meat & Wine

I'm a new arrival in the Providence area and I wanted to get some up to date recommendations (the existing threads that I can find are a little old). While I am not a food snob, I did get spoiled by my last 3 years in Chicago, with an excellent butcher down the street (Gepperth's), that had great selections of meat, sausage/wieners, home-made bacon, etc and two great, huge wine & liquor stores nearby (Sam's & Binny's), with great selections of great wines, from inexpensive up to break-the-bank for a special bottle.

I am currently living in Barrington and am having a hard time thus far finding such places in the Providence area. I have not yet tried Michael's in Pawtucket, but the other meat markets I have visited seem no better than the supermarkets. I have tried some of the previously recommended wine stores from the East Side & east of there and have found the selection limiting, the help mostly young folks without reliable opinion & a little pricey. I have tried the Campus Wine store in Providence and that seems to be an exception - good staff and a selection limited mostly by their square footage. I have tried 1776, Gasbarro's & McGreens and find them lacking in one way or another.

Since the state of Rhode Island only has about 1/3 the population of Chicago, I know that the situation is different, but I know there must be some real gems out there that I have not yet heard of or tried yet.

I appreciate all and any recommendations and apologize if I DO sound like a snob ( I think I’m too cheap to be one).


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  1. Spiritus Fermenti on Meeting St off of thayer is a pretty good liquor store. But it's even smaller than Campus. And they specialize mostly in beer, but do have a decent wine selection. Gasbarros is pretty good as is Haxton's in Warwick.

    Meat markets are another story all together. You're not going to find too much artisinal stuff here in RI, I hate to say. I do recommend hitting the Farmer's Market in Lippet Park on saturday mornings (down hope st on the Prov pawtucket line) There are some meat producers there and they may be able to help you in your search for more interesting sausages.

    I personally go to Armando's in Pawtucket for my meat needs. The meat is geared more for the latino market, but they are reasonably priced and very nice.

    Also there's a new gourmet shop downtown somewhere but the name escapes me.

    Otherwise I see a day trip to Boston in your future. Specifically Savenors.

    Otherwise good luck in your quest....

    1. I'd drive to Attleboro (about 15 minutes north of PVD) and go to Yankee Spirits. They have a ridiculous selection of wine and booze, with great prices.

      I'm a vegetarian, so I can't help with the meat.

      1. Campus and Eno (downtown) are decent choices for wine. Butchers are a scarcity. Don't bother with the misleadingly named Butcher Shop in Wayland though.

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          I was fooled initially when the Butcher Shop came up in my Google search, but figured it out pretty quickly. I DO like beers as well (although I briefly got out of the habit when I lived in Northern California), so will check out Spiritus, as well as Eno. I think Yankee Spirits is on the way to/from my parents' home, so will drop by there as well - might be good for the occasional re-stocking trip.

          And thanks for the pointer to Armando's - it was mentioned in some earlier threads, so I'll check it & Michael's out in the same trip. I've never been to a Latino meat market (although there were supposed to be some good ones in Chicago), so will have to educate myself.