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Sep 22, 2009 10:15 AM

Carlyle Club in Baltimore

Has anyone eaten here since it re-invented itself as a "coastal indian" food restaurant? If so, I'm eager to hear about your experience! I loved it when it focused on lebanese cuisine, but have yet to try it in its new format. The menu looks very promising!

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  1. We went there about a week and had a really good dinner. I had not been there previously, so I can't comment on then v. now. The dosa was really good and we had the crabcake appetizer which was also really good. My entree was safe (chana masala), but it was tasty.

    Did you see Elizabeth Large's review?

    1. In light of ronandaim and E. Large's reviews, we decided to try to the Carlyle Club last night. It was wonderful! First, the room was beautiful and rather romantic-- soft lighting, tables placed far apart, etc. We had a cozy booth for 2! We decided to start the evening off with a bottle of red wine. The restaurant has a pretty extensive wine list, but unfortunately, does not have all the wines on it-- the first 3 we ordered, they were out of! But the waiter steered us to one they had which was a winner!
      The menu surprised me a bit. After reading Elizabeth Large's review, I expected nonconventional Indian cuisine. Most of the dishes, though, were standard Indian fare (i.e., samosa, tikka, etc.). The crabcakes were still there, and we ordered the appetizer version, along with the eggplant and tomato appetizer. Both were the winners of the night! For $6, the crab cakes were really a steal. The appetizer included 4 mini cakes. They were full of lump meat with Indian seasonings. So, so delicious! The eggplant was also phenomenal. It actually tasted very similar to one of my favorite appetizers the Carlyle Club featured when it served Lebanese food. The Indian version, though, had chick peas in it and was served with warm, fresh naan bread.
      For entrees, we got the vegetable jalfrezi (made with incredibly fresh vegetables) and chicken tikka masala. Both were delicious. Unlike most Indian places, they were plated individually, and both were served with rice and spinach. We also got aloo paratha bread stuffed with vegetables, which was good but the stuffing was on the skimpy side.
      As the food was top notch and quite filling, we were way too stuffed for dessert.
      I would highly, highly recommend this place. Great, fresh Indian food in a beautiful, romantic environment, with very affordable prices. It definitely has not yet caught on-- we were there on a Fri. night, and it was only 1/3 full. Hopefully the word will get out soon-- this is truly a hidden jewel in the neighborhood!