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Sep 22, 2009 10:10 AM

So what's in your tuna sandwich?

Today my tuna sandwich contains tuna mixed with mayo and relish. I added lettuce, tomato, goat cheese, fresh basil, thin red onion slices and sliced avocado. I think I used the wrong kind of tuna though, I've had better sandwiches.

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  1. tuna, mayo, a teaspoon or two of small capers, chopped celery, chopped green onion and sometimes finely chopped red pepper

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      The only Tuna sandwich that has ever been memorable to me was given to me by one of my friends, who is of Italian descent.....and he told me any Tonno from European waters was tremendously better than any Tuna from any American/Domestic Company prove his point, he offered to make me a sandwich after purchasing some supplies from a local Italian Market,

      Being from New Jersey, two of the best things we have available to us are Crusty Italian Semolina Bread and Beefsteak Tomatoes......the tomatoes came from his parents backyard home garden. He made the sandwich which consisted the following ingredients.

      Tonno packed in Olive Oil .....spread out over the bread with a fork, including the olive oil
      Crusty Semolina Italian Bread.......buttered on both sides
      New Jersey Beefsteak Tomatoes....Thick Sliced
      Vidalia Onions....... Thin Sliced
      Kosher Salt, Fresh Ground Black Pepper and a pinch of Red Pepper Flakes.

      The idea of butter seemed odd to me at first, but it helped make the sandwich better for sure in adding another level of flavor.

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        I make it the same way without the butter. I'll have to give the butter a try.

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          Where can anyone get Vidalia onions when NJ tomatoes are ripe? I've never been able to find them after perhaps VERY early June. But it sounds like an outstanding sandwich.

          1. re: c oliver

            co, just for you.....

            While they may not be first harvest or in season of (April through Mid-June), they are almost always available at my local produce markets, presently @ .99/lb.....which are mostly Korean owned. I guess I receive the benefit of living in the New York area and Hunts Point Terminal Market...where just about any type of produce can be had. According to the information, I suppose they keep the onions much like they do controlled storage.

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              Another reason for me to wish that if there's a heaven and if I get to go there, then it's going to be NYC :) Thank you MISTER fourunder :)

              Edit: Just looked at the link. VERY interesting.

              1. re: c oliver

                I was wondering if you saw that message....

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                  I get smacked for being too chatty so I really do try---though they never give me props for THAT :)

        2. re: morebubbles

          I made the exact tuna yesterday for lunch...with the addition of a tsp of dijon mustard

        3. fresh basil, shallot, black pepper, lettuces
          If I were you, I'd move the goat cheese and avocado to a sandwich of its own...but I'm not you, so enjoy your lunch!

          Smoked trout (from a tin) is often my "tuna", again with diced shallot, mayo, black pepper
          My farmer's market gets smoked blue, and smoked tuna on occasion...yum

          1. Chopped Giardiniera, roasted red peppers, vidalia onion, lemon juice, black olives, parsley, mayonnaise.

            1. Can of red salmon...
              mashed up with some soy sauce, olive oil, black pepper
              spread on whole wheat with a slice of tomato and slice of onion

              Ate that two days ago

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              1. re: zzDan

                ...but that's not a tuna sandwich

              2. I use different things, but one constant is always horseradish. Always.