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Sep 22, 2009 09:53 AM

Birthday Dinner in Springfield, MO.

My sister and brother-in-law live in Springfield and both have a birthday coming up. I was thinking I'd send them a gift certificate to a nice restaurant so they could celebrate together. From the talk on chowhound and the rest of the 'net it seems like Gallery Bistro and Touch come the closest to what I have in mind. Is one of these two considerably better than the other? Are there other options that are even better? My goal is to send them somewhere with fantastic food and fantastic hospitality. The price range can definitely be on the higher side as long as the restaurant is great.

Thanks for your help,

NYC, 9-22-09

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  1. This is a slight odd answer, but maybe it will help. Two weeks ago, my husband and I happened to be in Springfield, MO, on our wedding anniversary. I asked for appropriate restaurant recommendations from the front desk staff at our hotel. They suggested Flame or Millies, both of which are downtown near the square.

    (The reason this is an odd answer is because we ended up not going out to dinner after all but going to the ballgame and having a late dinner at the vintage Steak n Shake. Not fancy, not romantic, but sure was tasty and fun! Now, maybe you can use our hotel's recommendations for your family...)