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Sep 22, 2009 09:50 AM

Best new restaurants in Manhattan

Hi, coming to town need new yummy restaurant.

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  1. The terms "new" and "yummy" could be applied to many restaurants. Specifics as to exactly what you are looking for would help Hounds provide appropriate suggestions.

    How new is "new" to you? Meaning, since we don't know when you were last here, during what time frame should the restaurants have opened?

    Preferred cuisines? Any avoids?

    Casual or fancy?

    Any particular neighborhood(s)?

    Give us you per person dinner budget for food only (drinks, tax & tip additional).

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    1. re: RGR

      Something that is yummy can be fancy ....I have apartment in mid town and have not been in town this year give me anthing you got that is fun beautiful and yummy

      1. re: Loradio

        Aldea opened a few months ago. Delicious modern Portuguese-style cuisine is being served in a space with very stylish modern design. The Arroz de Pato has fast become Chef George Mendes' signature dish and is not to be missed!

        SD26 is brand new. The former San Domenico has moved downtown from its Central Park South location to a huge space on the 26th St. side of Madison Square Park. The modern interior design is very handsome. But more importantly, the Italian food is wonderful! We had dinner there on Saturday night and thoroughly enjoyed the grilled vegetables, gnocci, and guinea hen.

        They just opened last Tuesday, so there are a few service kinks to work out. But the owners, Tony May and his lovely daughter, Marisa, are on the premises, and I'm sure those minor problems will be smoothed out very soon. I did not like the loud, thumping music (I actually do not like music of any kind in restaurants), but the overall noise level wasn't so insanely loud that it kept us from being able to converse with each other in normal tones. (Still under construction.)

        1. re: Loradio

          A Voce in the Time Warner building, Minetta Tavern.

          1. re: Loradio

            Thin, and here:


            Search this board for beaucoup opinions; they are many, and varied. Mine is that Keste makes pretty good pizza (eat it fast) that will not change your life.

            1. re: small h

              I agree with you on Keste, its good, but nothing extraordinary.

              Regarding new, I really enjoy Gus and Gabriel's on 79th bet'n Broadway and Amsterdam. Gastropub food - I've been there 4 times since its opening, great price point for the quality.

        1. how about locanda verde in tribeca..great scene, awesome food.

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          1. re: chefdater

            went to locanda verde for my bday last night, it was great. i definitely suggest checking it out. mario batali was at the table next to us.

              1. re: chefdater

                Locande Verde is good. IMHO it's more of a lunch place. To be fair I've only been once. I think it's a bit over-hyped.

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                1. Second RGR's Aldea suggestion.


                  Falai (not new) is one of our favorites if you have not been.

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                  1. re: financialdistrictresident


                    At the time I first posted, we hadn't yet been to SHO Sean Hergatt. Now that we have, I certainly second that rec.


                    1. re: RGR

                      Following the recommendations from Chowhounders, I also tried SHO when I was in NYC two weeks ago.

                      Initially I was considering two candidates, Cor**n and SHO, but when the reservationist at Cor**n told me they wouldn't allow photo taking in the premises, without thinking twice I immediately chose SHO over Cor**n. And I am so glad I did!

                      I really loved the place. Creative and beautifully presented food, chic ambience, and professional, yet unobtrusive, kind service. And most of all, their prices are so reasonable. Thanks Chowhounders for your great recommendation!

                      And btw, thanks so much RGR, for your suggestion of desserts at the bar section of Eleven Madison Park. Their tarts were awesome! :)

                      1. re: agaaga

                        You're very welcome, agaaga. Yes, EMP's tarts are seriously delicious!



                        We went back to Corton sans camera for a second time last week and, again, were totally bowled over by Chef Liebrandt's sensational cuisine. This time, happily, I also loved the desserts (not the case the first time). Mr. R. again had superb wine pairings, service was stellar, and I find the space very appealing. So, though I enjoy taking photos, the ban will not keep me from returning again and again.

                        1. re: agaaga

                          agaaga, thanks for reporting back. I have not been to Corton since they first opened. My experiences at SHO were much better, especially on the dessert front.

                          1. re: financialdistrictresident

                            As I mentioned on another thread, the pastry chef at SHO is Mina Pizzaro, who previously worked at Veritas. Her desserts are lovely and much more "accessible" than Robert Truitt's were at Corton the first time we were there. However, there was a decided difference in the desserts the second time. I got the impression that many diners were not happy with them, so Chef Liebrandt has worked with Truitt to improve them, i.e., make them less "strange," and, in my view, they have succeeded.

                            1. re: RGR

                              RGR, thanks for the update re: desserts.

                              Read your earlier post. Is Corton really worth a return visit? I'm looking for a food experience like SHO, Falai or the more casual, Aldea. Maybe we should return to EMP or The Modern Dining Room or someplace new (that's not over-hyped, where I won't be disappointed and underwhelmed). Still thinking about our recent Montreal dining experiences which were excellent and will be hard to top.

                              1. re: financialdistrictresident


                                As I see it, whether Corton is worth a revisit depends on to what degree you enjoyed Paul Liebrandt's cuisine. I think the combinations of flavors and textures he creates are original and genius. Despite the issues I had with the desserts, I loved all the rest of the food the first time, so going again was a no-brainer for me.

                                As much as I like Aldea, and that's a lot, there is no way I'd put it in the same category as SHO, Corton, EMP, and The Modern Dining Room. Aldea's food, though delicious, is less haute; service, while fine, is not polished; and the ambiance, as you note, is much more casual.

                                It's not new, but Allegretti is another of our favorites. Superb Proven├žal cuisine, a fine wine list, excellent service (more polished than at Aldea), and pleasing ambiance. They've done away with tablecloths at dinner service which now gives the place a more casual feel.

                                We were there for dinner again a few weeks ago. Photos here:


                                Here's one you may not have thought of: La Fonda del Sol. Talk about under-hyped! It's completely off the culinary radar -- which is a shame, because the food is terrific! We had lunch there for the first time on Monday. Sat in the dining room (as opposed to the much more casual lounge). Lovely ambiance. Service was excellent. However, it was not very busy (late lunch and Columbus Day holiday), so I have no idea what it would be like if the room was full. Our server told us that because of the restaurant's location (MetLife Bldg.) their major business -- lunch and dinner -- is during the week, while on Saturday, dinner service is very quiet. We're looking forward to going back.

                                See photos of our lunch here:

                                We haven't been to Montreal in several years, but I agree it's a great restaurant city.

                                  1. re: RGR

                                    Agree w/ RGR about La Fonda del Sol, which I've written about before. Josh deChellis went to Spain and learned with the best. His pulpo a feira (octopus) reminds me so much of Galicia. I haven't tried the rice dishes but loved everything, inc the excellent Spa wine list. I had a 25 person dinner and they did and excellent job with everything. Tapas in the informal section, regular menu in the more formal section.