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Sep 22, 2009 09:35 AM

Fine dining in Calgary - with celiac?

DH and I want to go out for a nice dinner and celebrate our anniversary this weekend. In the past, we've really enjoyed Rouge, River Cafe, Muse and Bonterra. We're looking for something of that same caliber.

However, since the last time we went out for fine dining, I've been diagnosed with celiac disease. Since then, we've chosen restaurants on the basis of them having a gluten-free menu...for our anniversary, though, we'd like to pick a place based on its fantastic food - we're just hoping that my eating limitations can be accommodated.


We're not seafood eaters and we don't want Italian or Asian. Any part of the city is fine. A great wine list isn't a requirement as I'm pregnant, but good ambience is a requirement. We're looking at entrees in the $30-$40 range.

Based on the menu I've seen online, Alloy is at the top of my it safe to assume that a fine dining restaurant, such as Alloy, would have enough food knowledge/skill to prepare me a fantastic meal that falls within my somewhat limited diet?

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  1. The last time I was at Alloy, I overheard the couple at the table next to us inquiring on gluten free items on the menu. the waitperson was very well informed as to what was gluten free and what wasn't and what they could do to make other menu items work. I was very impressed at the depth on knowledge they displayed in regard to the ingredients and cooking methods used in the kitchen.

    I'd say you'd be well taken care of there; likely even more so if you let them know in advance.

    1. I have found that any fine dining restaurant will accommodate requests like this and if they don't it's probably not a great place. Many times they will prepare something special in place of the normal dish and many times it's been even better. I've had awesome experiences at Rush, Muse and Parker House for people with celiac.

      1. According to Capo's website the have pastas they can do GF so I'd think they'd be a good choice.

        1. My wife is a Celiac.
          When we do dine out, I always call ahead and make the arrangements. You will find plenty of places that are mainstream AND up to date with gluten free issues.

          Our #1 go to spot is Fleur de Sel, followed by Bistro 2210 almost across the street. Both on 4th Street SW.
          Piq Niq was great, Divino was spot on, though no GF Bread for their great cheese selection. Since then she always brings along her own bread.

          Overall, with a little bit of planning, the choices are plenty.

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            Maybe you should make that a sales opportunity for the bakery and get Divino to carry her bread! ;)

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              Victoria's bakery in it's current stage cannot digest to many commercial acounts.
              She either stays at this size and is happy, or decides to grow (staff, equipment, etc) and then she can supply more restaurants...

          2. Thanks for all of the input! We made a reservation for Sunday night at Alloy and I advised the Maitre D' that one of the diners has celiac.