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Sep 22, 2009 09:17 AM

60 international art mavens: where to take them to dinner?

New to Chowhound but a friends says you will know how to help me. I need to take 60 art- and wine-loving people to dinner in Nov. I'd love a hip place (downtown anywhere from Battery Park to EV or WV) with good food and a good wine list. I'd like to keep it under $125 per person if possible. European or American cuisine would be great. (The group is being taken a big name, clublike restaurant for another dinner so I'd like a place with a bit more kick.) Any and all suggestions greatly appreciated. Thanks much.

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  1. pery street restaurant a jean georges place great food great wines great prices alsoa view of the water as the sun goes down it's memorable
    nice couches for apres drinking

    another choice is cafe cluny in the west village awesome food and pricing

    u cannot go wrong with either and easily under 125 per person
    buddakan is another choice as is del posto

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      Thanks very much! I don't know Perry St. - sounds great as do other suggestions. I will pursue and see which one of yours has room for us. thanks again.

    2. You might also check out Locanda Verde- the room should certainly be big enough to accomodate a group your size. Lots of positive posts on this board.

      1. It's completely out of your geographical area, and almost silly for its obviousness, but if I were taking 60 art mavens to dinner and had a $100pp budget, the first place I'd call is The Modern. Their private dining room seats up to 64, and the location (overlooking the MoMA sculpture garden) is as great as the food.

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          While I agree it sounds like the perfect restaurant and more-than-perfect location for the occasion, I'm pretty sure that dinner at The Modern's private dining room would go well over $125 per person after drinks, gratuity, tax etc.

        2. Capsouto Freres on the corner of Washington and Watts in Tribeca (just off West Side Highway) has wonderful food and great service, as well as an excellent and affordable wine list.

          For 60 people, you will clearly need a large place to accommodate them without taking over the whole restaurant, and Capsouto Freres is a big, airy brasserie-type place. One of my favorite places to dine for any reason! ;)

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            I have to offer a dissenting opinion on Capsuto Freres. The room is nice and would be a good size for your group, but I had a family brunch there last year and we all thought the food was pretty horrible. The souffles are fun, but other than that it was a real dissapointment.