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Sep 22, 2009 09:15 AM

ISO: Greek in the Village!

Hi all,

Looking for solid greek (salads, gyros, souvlaki, etc) in the Village (am right near Washington Square Park) preferably for delivery. Not looking for anything fancy, just tasty greek food in the area (which I have yet to find). I enjoy Snack, but not really what I am looking for here.

Thanks so much. KOBI

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    1. Easiest possible request I've seen in a while--Karavas. One block from Washington Square Park. Best gyro I've had in Manhattan, but they have a full Greek menu, and all of it is solid, not fancy, and perfectly affordable. Go to the Southwest corner of 6th Ave and West 4th Street and face west. It's 10 yards to the West on the corner of that weird little side street tucked in there behind the papaya place.

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          Just finishing a chicken souvlaki (no tomatoes, with pepperocinis) from Karavas and it was great. Could have had a little more chicken, but a fantastic sandwich. Thanks.

          1. re: kobi

            Glad you like--they were a standby for me to walk up to the take-away counter for gyros. Never had a bad sandwich from them.

        2. re: planetjess

          Walked by there a zillion times, have yet to try it. Do you know if they deliver?

          1. re: simetrias

            I believe they do--I was always by there, so I never asked for delivery, but menupages says yes.

          2. re: planetjess

            I had an early dinner at Karavas last night: the Greek mezze assortment and a Greek side salad. For a grand total of $14, I got a fresh, well-dressed salad with a nice variety of ingredients, eight small - but certainly not tiny - portions of various mezze (the usual suspects), and plenty of hot pita bread. Nothing was spectacular, but everything was plenty good enough. The service was slow but very friendly. I've walked by this place a hundred times, glad I finally went in. It's a great cheap-eats choice, especially for the neighborhood.

            Bonus points for the decent martini, and extra bonus points for the free floor show: our waitress inching toward the table carrying the very, very full glass, while providing running commentary of how she was terrified to spill it (she didn't).