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Sep 22, 2009 08:39 AM

Wedding cake in Philadelphia?

My brother and his fiancée plan to get married in Philly in January. I live in Toronto but they’ve asked me to help with the planning and have put me in charge of finding the perfect wedding cake. The bride-to-be would like a cake that is not only beautiful but tastes great too. I’ve done some preliminary research on bakeries and have come up with Bredenbeck’s and The Night Kitchen so far. Has anyone had any experience with either bakery or can you recommend a different bakery or caterer that can produce a stellar cake? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!

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  1. I don't have experience with the 2 bakeries you mentioned but Termini's has done some beautiful cakes for events I have catered.

    1. i second termini's....they did my sister's and it was amazing. you can always ask the caterer/reception folk for advice and local recommendations too....

      i've never heard of bredenbeck's, but i don't know too much about cakes in general....

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        I third Termini's. Their cakes are always tasty and are very professionally done.

      2. The Night Kitchen is very good, very moist and tasty cakes. The are newly green certified bakery and, give some of their extras to charity, and employed people wiht developmental delays so its a feel good business as well.

        1. I've never had their wedding cake, but in general I have found Bredenbecks to be an average bakery.

          Night Kitchen did my wedding cake (ove 10 years ago), and it was both delicious and beautiful. I haven't been recently, but assuming they haven't lost any quality, it should suit your needs just fine.

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            Not a wedding cake exactly, but Night Kitchen did a graduation cake for my daughter in June. It was terrific.

          2. Bredenbeck's and the Night Kitchen Bakery are in Chestnut HIll, so we purchase from the quite a bit. Both do wonderful, fanciful cakes, and everything is delicious. You should also contact Cake (also in Chestnut Hill). With either of those, timing, transport and price will probably weight your decision, because the quality is incredible. By the way, Termini's does terrific work as well, again - you can't go wrong!