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Sep 22, 2009 08:39 AM

Jean Philippe Chocolates as Carry-On

I’m heading to Vegas while my wife stays home with our 8-month old. I’d like to bring back something for her from JP, but I’m only bringing carry on luggage. Does anyone have experience taking a box of their chocolates on a plane? I’m not a frequent flyer and I don’t want to spend the money and have to toss her gift in a TSA trash basket at McCarran Airport.

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  1. There are multiple Ethel M shops there at the airport. Or is her heart set on the JP chocolates?

    1. I've gotten a pound of chocolates and macarons from La Maison du Chocolat in NYC on a plane in a carryon without any difficulty. I also got 12oz of Beer-Brittle from the culinary institute of America at Greystone back from SanFran without issue - if it isn't 3oz of liquid and is still packaged it should be fine.

      If you really want to wow her, get a small box and Jean Philippe, a small box at Payard, and a box from Bouchon and let her compare/contrast. :-)

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        uhockey - For the first time, I wish I weren't already married!

        ablack - uhockey makes an excellent suggestion.