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Sep 22, 2009 08:15 AM

Any suggestions for Fort Lauderdale restaurants?

I will be going to Fort Lauderdale at the end of October. This will be my first time there and I was wondering which restaurants are good and reasonably priced. Are there any good authentic Cuban and southern restaurants? We would be there for one lunch meal, one evening meal and one breakfast. Thank you for your help!

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  1. NOLA hound looking for the same for a mid October trip. will have a car and will eat anything. nothing touristy, love local hole n the walls and anything on waterfront. thnx!

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      I've heard that a lot of people enjoy Casablanca Cafe on the beach. I've never been, but it looks really pretty and people I know said the enjoyed the food. Nice menu (no prices on it though lol).

    2. There's a current link about places in Hollywood (FL) which is close to Ft. L.

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        thnx. I looked at that post, but I have to believe there are more than just the 7 restaurants mentioned are worthy of a visit.
        or, does that area not have a food scene?

      2. Where in Ft Lauderdale will you be staying? Not much for Southern restaurants in the area. Coconuts is great for lunch, they serve what I would consider Caribbean influenced food. Good wine list and great atmosphere.

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          you're right, their wine list does look good.
          thnx for the heads up.

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            Thanks for your help! We'll be staying at a hotel on the beach near Las Olas Boulevard. I was thinking more Cuban and Caribbean-style food, we come from Montreal, so not much of that kind of cuisine up here.

            1. re: yumfoodmtl

              The only Caribbean places I can think of are Calypso in Pompano Beach on Cypress Road, and Bamboo Fire Cafe in Delray Beach on 4th Ave. north of Atlantic.

              3030 Ocean is wonderful and is very seafood/fish focused.

              I'm sorry if I'm repeating anything already posted, I didn't read ahead. 8)

                1. re: OysterHo

                  another GREAT Caribbean style place is the Jib Room on Oakland Park and Federal. Not a scenic location but the food is great as well as the service and price. One of our favorite restaurants in Ft Lauderdale.

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                thnx for the info. I have since read other tasty reports on Candela. it's on the list!

              2. I also ate at J.Alexander, which for a chain restaurant served up an excellent meal. Plus, and a BIG plus is that the espresso is only ONE BUCK !!!



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                  the menu looks exactly like the one at the Houston's here in NOLA, which is only one of 2 chains (other being Zea's) that I enjoy. their wines btg are also in the same vein.
                  thnx for the rec.

                  1. re: toitoi

                    I too have eaten at J Alexander in Plantation and it was excellent. The Mac n Cheese is to die for.