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Sep 22, 2009 07:41 AM

babbo or convivio for birthday dinner?

hello, i have a reservation for both restaurants for tomorrow for my husband's birthday, and i'm trying to choose which place to go.

babbo- we have been about two years ago, but sat in the bar. we live in the village and the 'neighbor' element appeals, although our reservation is at 10 pm (not a deal breaker, but not ideal)

convivio- i have heard good things, reservation is a more tenable 9 pm. going to midtown is a slight drag, and i'm concerned that it will feel stuffy.

main objective is to fill up on amazing pasta in a nice setting. any thoughts? thank you!

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  1. Convivio is not stuffy at all, and if you order the 4-course prix-fixe, you can have the option of ordering a second pasta as your main course. Their pasta dishes are really wonderful, as are the appetizers. Main courses are very good, but not quite up to the level of the apps and pastas. We live in the Village but prefer Convivio over Babbo and feel it is worth the detour.

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    1. re: rrems

      I agree that Convivio is not stuffy at all, and I love the service there--friendly yet professional. Although I love Babbo, I think Convivio is a great choice also--and their pasta dishes are amazing!

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        thank you all- this is great feedback!

    2. If your main objective is great pasta, Convivio may actually beat Babbo nowadays.

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      1. re: hcbk0702

        I agree. I've also had better service at Convivio.

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          ive been to babbo and ive been to convivio...there is no debate for me...convivio wins by a long shot.

          i live in the west village too but its actually a nice area for dinner. the service is good...i just didnt like how they quickly poured our wine encouraging us to buy another bottle.

          as for the food, i have the lamb's tongue which was superb and the fusilli with pork shoulder ragu...all of the pastas i sampled were delicious.

      2. I'm so glad you asked this question! I'm having the same debate for a weekend dinner in October. Although, I've added Scarpetta to the dilemma - Scarpetta vs Babbo vs Convivio. Never been to any of them and it's our first trip to NYC in...well, ever, really.