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Sep 22, 2009 07:03 AM

New Haven's best sandwich's

I will be traveling north bound on I-95 on Friday and am looking for a quick sandwich pick-up along the Bridgeport-New Haven quarter. Traveling late afternoon so I am time sensitive. Looking for something hardy but not limited to a particular type.

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  1. How about some good Barbecue? Uncle Willy's BBQ may be the best we have in the south-central CT area. Exit 42. Very close to the exit and it's easy off and back on.
    403 Saw Mill Rd
    West Haven, CT 06516-4014
    (203) 479-4017
    Welcome to Chowhound. Be sure and check out the search function. There are all kinds of places mentioned along I-95 for breakfast, etc. I have a map of restaurant:

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    1. re: Scargod

      Is that where Uncle Willie's is now? They're getting crazy with the moving all over the place.

      1. re: harrie

        There are or were multiple locations. They closed the one in the Amity area (north Whitney), and opened this one. Looks like it might be a good location for them. I've heard that the Uncle Willie's Waterbury location was/is the best.

    2. I love the sandwiches at Johnny Salami's at Long Wharf in New Haven, right off I-95. Take the exit that's right after the Ikea and go straight off the ramp. Johnny Salami's is on the left after Brazi's.

      The Downtown sandwich is my favorite - turkey, swiss, cole slaw and Russian dressing on a really good hard roll. The Pastrami Nightmare is fabulous too. Both fit the hardy bill.

      My one concern is your travel time - it's a breakfast-lunch place. I'd call and see how late they're open, 203-777-7906.

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      1. re: shoes

        I have to second for Johnny Salami's. I am opening a breakfast/lunch place myself elsewhere and this place has fed me twice in the last week. The bread comes from the Bronx. I had a muffeletta(killer) and yesterday had a roast pork and sauteed onion on a long roll with provolone and horseradish mayo which was everything it should have been. It has a very blue collar vibe, which is as it should be, and the prices are right on. For all of you kvetching about no good sandwiches in the area, I suspect you might want to try this place.

      2. Good question! Am I missing something or are New Haven sandwiches (grinders, hoagies and/or submarine sandwiches) not particularly well covered by the boards?

        I'd love to hear more, Chowhounders! I've had passable things from Nico's, Book Trader and Est, Est, Est but nothing I'd recommend stopping for. And I've been looking for a good sandwich place, for picnics . . .

        1. I love Gaetano's in Stratford for grinders. If I was making that trek and wanted a sandwich, I wouldn't even think about stopping anywhere else.

          Gaetano's Salumeria
          1886 Main St, Stratford, CT 06615

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          1. re: kattyeyes

            Chabaso Bakery in Downtown NH.....delicious sandwiches and black bean soup. Katz's Deli closed, or else I would recommend it...

            1. re: ljsinct

              Katz's in Woodbridge (not related, but damn good deli) is still open. This won't help the OP as it's off the Merritt rather than 95, but should be noted for deli-seekers in the greater New Haven area. We would drive down just for a sandwich even if we didn't have friends in the area--it's that good.

              Katz's Restaurant Deli
              1658 Litchfield Tpke
              Woodbridge, CT 06525-2306
              (203) 389-5301

              Open Daily 11am-8pm

              1. re: kattyeyes

                Vito's on Center St. downtown New Haven has excellent subs. They open early around 9:00 and I think they close at 3:00. Thay also carry Foxon Park soda. Huge sanwiches $7-8.00 range, subs the same price.

          2. Bobette's in Milford makes some great sandwiches - plus really nice people there. From I-95 North, Exit 36 - right off the exit, then right onto Route 1. Go about a half-mile, Bobette's is on the left at the light. If you want soup, they do a lot of nice soups, too.

            But they're totally takeout, no eating in.


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            1. re: harrie

              As a lifelong New Haven resident, all I can do is lament the lack of a really good "Jewish style" deli/sandwich shop. Frankly, I think Katz's succeeds simply because there aren't a lot of other options. I find their quality to be, at best, wildly uneven and have had some absolutely terrible stuff there (a grilled chicken salad with rancid, obviously pre-grilled chicken, tasteless soup, corned beef of questionable quality).
              I cannot help but to think back to earlier times when both Chuck's and Al's on Whalley Ave had absolutely awesome sandwiches....

              1. re: lsnhc

                Westville Kosher Market will make you a wonderful sandwich at their deli, and they're right down the street from Katz's (next to Amity Wine and Sam Ash Music). I can't recommend them highly enough - have eaten way more of their stuff than I should have, and everything has always been wonderful.

                1. re: lsnhc

                  Are you speaking of Katz's on Temple in NH or Katz's in Woodbridge? Same name, different people...I know you probably know. I ask because having had a couple of really excellent pastrami sandwiches just recently in Woodbridge, I can't imagine you are talking about THAT Katz's. Plus, no offense, I would never order a grilled chicken salad when pastrami sandwiches are on the menu. ;)

                  1. re: kattyeyes

                    I WAS referring to the Woodbridge location (and it was my wife's salad - I concur, why order chicken??). As you probably know, the Katz's on Temple is now closed.

                2. re: harrie

                  Bobette's-home of SALT soup. One cup of their soup and you've had your sodium intake for the month. Avoid this vile place.