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Sep 22, 2009 05:15 AM

Baltimore/Loyola area/Towson: LATE NITE EATS?

Hi - we will be in Baltimore for the weekend - but on Sat we have an event to go to (no food) that starts at abt 6 and ends abt 9 up near Towson, actually nearer to Loyola - sort of halfway I guess

Hoping to find a place that we can get a scrumptious but lite meal at about 9:30 -10 to sit down and get a bite to eat before heading back to hotel in Baltimore proper

Diners are "ok" - but if there is anything more interesting serving food at that hour in Baltimore up through the Towson area - let me know -

Thanks HOUNDS!

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  1. What about Crush in Belvedere Square or Petit Louis on Roland Ave.? Both are very close to Loyola and have menus with good, lighter options.

    1. I believe Pho Dat Thanh in the Towson Circle doesn't close till 11pm on Saturdays. May want to call and check. They don't close till 10pm on weeknights. You could get passable pho or other Vietnamese choices, and it certainly meets the definition of lite and interesting.

      1. The Szechuan House, in the shopping center at York Rd & Seminary Ave, is open very late, and has special late night menu.

        1. You might try Grand Cru at Belvedere Square. Inexpensive alsatian style tarts, good by the glass wine list, wines to go or drink there by the bottle, and out-of-ordinary tap beers. It's one of our favorite go-to places. I'd recommend the Nature (carmelized onions, chunks of bacon, little creme fraiche) or the vension sausage one if they have it.

          1. Thanks Hounds......I will of course google it -
            But i am guessing Belvedere Square is in the vicinity of either Towson or Loyola
            (sorry - I am not that familiar with t he area (8-] !! )

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              Belvedere Square is at the corner of York & Northern Parkway, very close to Loyola.