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Sep 22, 2009 04:01 AM

Jose Maria Segovia this weekend - are reservations needed

We will be taking a day trip from Madrid to Segovia this Sunday (gracias, AVANT) and want to lunch at Jose Maria. I prefer not to make reservations since that ties us down. Does anyone know if they are needed for Sunday afternoon at this time of year. Muchas Gracias. Neal

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  1. It can get very crowded on the weekend... I'd recommend making a reservation. It's very close to the cathedral, so you could see that first and then go to the alcázar after.

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      Gracias. We should have a La Latina gathering! Neal

    2. Please let us know what you think of it... we're hoping to be there on Oct 7 for dinner.

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        Jose María is great. Though I recommend splitting one roast pork portion and ordering other stuff off their menu, too. Like the judiones (big white beans--a very heavy dish, but a Segovia classic).

        Lalatineando...Neal--definitely! You can find me on twitter @butterflymeow and I'll send DM you my contact info.

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          I just heard back from Jose Maria - if interested, they only have two seatings on weekend afternoons at 13:45 and 15:00. Neal

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            Just what I was going to post. They will only guarantee the time for the 1345 sitting, the 1500 sitting is a new queue for when people have finished ie you may have to wait for your table.

            Neal, I assume you have a reservation for your train.

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              Gracias. My spanish was not good enough to figure out why there was a waiting list for 1500. Do you happen to know if one is likely to wait more than half an hour on a Sunday in late Sept.? (And I was wondering how anyone in Spain could boot people out after 75 minutes.)

              Yes, we have booked the train, have learned my lessons on that the hard way.