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Spago reservations-- too easy?

Maybe its becuase I have had to set alarms at 10:00 am one month before I want to eat at NYC restaurants like Babbo, but I find it hard to believe that I can still have my pick of times on Open Table for tables at Spago for next week. I read nothing but great reviews of the place, so I would expect it to be packed.

Are there certain days or times that are slow? If we go at 8:00 on a Sunday night, are we going to find the restaurant busy?


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  1. Happily, we have very, very few places -- I can't really think of any actually, maybe Cut or Osteria Mozza -- where you would have to reserve a month in advance for a table even on a Saturday at 8, let alone a Sunday. I think you'll be fine. Spago is not the trendy draw it once was but I haven't heard any downhill reports.

    Chalk it up to LA being a more accessible restaurant town than New York and enjoy.

    1. As the Ubergeek mentioned above, there are few, if any, restuarants where reservations are hard to come by.

      Heck, you could probably drop in at Spago on a Sunday night and get seated by the time the valet has parked your car.

      1. Spago is a pretty big place. While getting a table shouldn't be a problem, I'd really recommend trying to get a table outside on the patio.

        I actually ate there last night and the place was full with some sort of an event next door in their banquet area. Food/service were both great.

        1. Food is still very good. There will always be a good crowd, but reservations are not difficult. Definetly try to sit in the patio area.

          1. NYC has 4.5M more people in about the same amount of square mileage as Los Angeles...makes getting reservations here easier. =)

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              I think in terms of sheer sq miles we are a lot bigger than NY (something on the order of 65% larger) at around 300 sq miles for NYC and not quite 500 for LA - so an even greater space spreading out our much smaller population.

            2. Also don't discount that little recession we're still in. Hence all the discounting from the restaurants, even the high end ones, and all the closures.

              1. I've noticed that it's never too difficult to get a reservation on the westside between Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur.

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                    Which cleverly noticed trend is only going to accelerate in the coming years, as the economic meltdown continues and more and more investment bankers become cooks, waiters and busboys.

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                      Oh no! What will the aspiring actors, writers and models do?

                      (What's the difference between an investment banker and a pigeon? A pigeon can still make a deposit on a Mercedes.)

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                        Actually, the difference is that the pigeon doesn't quailfy for a federal handout, ahem, uh, I mean "bailout" ...

                1. Hard-to-secure tables in L.A.? I'd say Mozza, Bazaar, & weekend dim sum are the first one that jump out. Other than that, I'd say we are a very accessible town.

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                    church & state has turned into a pretty tough table to get...

                  2. I would guess that the most difficult reservation in the area these days is Gjelina.

                    1. They serve 800 people a night.

                      And there are many of us that only went once, for a reason.

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                          Food is fine enough but I prefer to stay home than go there.