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Best Dim Sum, Best Cupcake joint in LA

I have some visitors coming in from NY who requested to do Dim Sum. Any recommendations? They also want to go for Cupcakes. Crumbs is okay but I'd like to do better. Thanks.

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  1. For dim sum try Elite Restaurant in Monterey Park.

    1. Elite for dim sum; I don't eat cupcakes so I couldn't tell you.

      1. For red velvet cupcakes- I would go to Susie Cakes.

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          2nd Susie Cakes; they're much better than Sprinkles which I found to be dry.

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            third this. I just had an apple spice cupcake with cream cheese frosting from Susiecakes last night that was moist and delicious and the frosting tasted like it actually had cream cheese in it. It was in marked contrast to the carrot cake one I had from Crumbs on friday which was cloyingly sweet and the frosting tasted of shortening. I think both Crumbs and Susiecakes are better than the dry cupcakes from Sprinkles.

        2. Dim sum: Elite (700 S. Atlantic Blvd. in Monterey Park - #626.282-9998)

          Cupcakes: Auntie Em's Kitchen (4616 Eagle Rock Blvd. in Eagle Rock - #323.255-0800)

          1. My last visit to Elite was disappointing. I've lived in the SGV for 16 years and have tried most if not all of the local dim sum joints. My current favorite is Lunasia in Alhambra.

            Link to Lunasia Review: http://www.twohungrypandas.com/2009/0...

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                Another plug for Sweet and Saucy... they have these cupcake pops which are out of this world good!!



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                  Those cupcake pops really should be considered some sort of controlled substance. :)

              2. Don't know if you mean LA proper but if not, Violets in Pasadena, Yummies in Burbank and Auntie Em's in Eagle Rock are all delish IMO for cup cakes. You might enjoy the "Berkeley" vibe at Auntie Em's.

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                  I'm laughing, Fru!
                  I never thought of it that way, but with your "Berkeley vibe" at Auntie Em's, you nailed it!

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                    Proper or not Eagle Rock has been part of Los Angeles since the '20s.

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                      Thank you for the history lesson.

                      1. I love the cupcakes at Lark on Sunset in Silverlake. The people who work there are super nice too.

                        1. Just visited Elite 2 weeks ago for the first time, and was, well, disappointed. Hour wait for a table, when we got seated, it was RIGHT next to the kitchen, and for the price, the dim sum was good, not great.

                          Let's be honest. The person who posted said "LA", and I understand LA is a big place, but if you're crunched for time, just do Empress Paviliion downtown. Went this morning, after not going for years, and was really, really happy with what I got.

                          Most likely packed to the gills with MSG, but 2 of us got out, stuffed, for $25.00. Fresh, vibrant and if you go EARLY, easy to get a seat, and quick attention from the carts.

                          And cupcakes, well... Cupcakes are SOOOO 2007...

                          Enjoy LA and skip the cupcakes. Do a taco crawl...

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                            >>And cupcakes, well... Cupcakes are SOOOO 2007...<<

                            Didn't know trend was what determined what good food was. IMHO, if it good, tacos and cupcakes included, the better examples will outlive any trend.

                          2. I recently found Pearl's cupcakes in San Marino, CA. The cake is always moist and generous and pretty frosting.

                            While I can't speak to the best dim sum, you'll be in San Gabriel Valley for the cupcakes so I'm sure you'll find the bet dim sum over here on this side of town.

                            1. Hey, wasn't there a whole disscussion abt the best dim sum on this board recently...Elite, Sea Harbour, Ocean star, NBC, 888, Ocean Seafood, Captial, etc....well there is always a discussion abt DIM SUM ...

                              As far a Red Velvet Cup Cakes. Cup cakes were also discussed on this board... http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/77476

                              My wife makes a great velvet cake so don't need to go somewhere and get them....

                                1. The best dim sum bang for the buck I've found is Full House in Arcadia. There may be a downtown branch too, but I haven't been.

                                  1. Dim Sum: Sea Harbour (I'm a bit disappointed by Elite).

                                    Cupcakes: Agree completely with Susie's Cakes in Brentwood.