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Sep 21, 2009 09:45 PM

Food items to bring back from Orlando FL for a Californian?

My co-worker is going to Orlando FL for work. What should I have him bring back for me that I can't get in Calif. Candies, cookies, snacks that easy to pack to bring as carryon & not too expensive.

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  1. Disney t-shirt. All joking aside, I really can't think of anything in Orlando that you couldn't get in Cali.

    1. Tupelo honey? The two states grow/make so many of the same things, it's hard to find something that doesn't overlap.

      1. If you can find these in the Orlando area -- Key West Key Lime Coolers (cookies), key lime juice for making pie when you get home, Datil Pepper Sauce (from St. Augustine), marmalade made with Florida oranges, or some alligator jerky --

        1. Orange blossom honey or orange blossom pilsner from orlando brewery

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            Boiled peanuts, Pickled eggs, orange blossom honey, oranges, Home made pork rinds, Grits,sofrito, carribean green sauce, etc, other carribean sides