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Sep 21, 2009 09:11 PM

Long shot question in Vegas

I was flipping through channels and saw a restaurant featured in Las Vegas but never got the name of it. The decor is what made me stop and awe!! It looked asian, it was bright white with lots of white and silver birds maybe hanging from the ceiling. It was incredibly clean looking, bright, silver and white. I don't know how else to describe it. Almost like the ceiling was water. I know it's a long shot but anyone know what I'm talking about?

If I can't figure it out... I'm trying to find a place to go this Thursday night. A great date night. We've been to a lot of the typical places but want to find something new, something sexy, something not a lot of people have tried. How is the new M hotel?

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  1. very bright white ( don't remember birds ) is beijing noodle #9 in Caesar's - check the caesar's website - they might have a pic or 2. M is nice - the restaurants are decent .

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      AAAAH!! Yes this is it exactly! I just googled it and this is so beautiful. What a cool place. THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!

    2. also somewhat white is vitner grill

      1. Haven't seen the rooms at the M but the casino is very nice. When people ask me what my favorite buffet in town is, the buffet at the M is one of my top 3. The only downside to the resort is while it's on Las Vegas Blvd, it's quite a way down on the Strip from the major casinos so unless you have a car you'll definitely need a cab to get there. One of their pools is a salt water pool that I hear is very nice.