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Sep 21, 2009 08:57 PM

Charleys Crab reviews? OR any great crab houses around Palm Beach?

We're staying for a short stay at the Breakers right now, leaving wednesday but was curious about what chowhounders thought of Charleys Crab?

My bf wanted to have Golden and/or Stone crabs (we live in DC/VA area so we didnt want to have MD crabs here in florida...) we had Golden crabs once at Rustic Inn in Ft Lauderdale but thats a bit of a trek for us this time since we're heading to orlando afterwards...

Rustic Inn was perfect and yummy, nothing fancy but fresh delicious crabs, just what we were looking for...just curious if Charleys Crabs is worth checking out too?

Or any other places you guys would recommend for yummy golden and/or stone crabs?


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    1. re: HotMelly

      thanks!!! but it doesnt seem like they have golden crabs either :(

    2. stone crab season starts 10/15 each year, so you won't find them.

      Charley's Crab has been in Palm Beach for years and does fish very well. I haven't been there for a long time so I hesitate to recommend it outright but it is quite close to your hotel. As for golden crabs, I doubt it but I'd call them and ask.

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      1. re: LilMsFoodie

        My wife & I had dinner at Jakes Stone Crab Restaurant in Boca Raton Monday night & they have stone crabs. Mediums, Large and all you can eat specials. Their early season stone crabs come from the Bahamas but taste the same as Florida in season stone crabs. The service was excellent, the crab claws were great, the mustard sauce was very good. & we didn't have to wait until Oct 15. Martinis were mixed by the owner (David Leschen) and were perfect. We will return to this wonderful spot next and probably every visit to the area.