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Sep 21, 2009 07:50 PM

Yuki Bakery on Sherbrooke

I always drive by this bakery on Sherbrooke street in Westmount but never had the chance to go in. Has anyone been there before? Are their pastries any good?

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  1. I've been wondering the same thing. Noticed some cupcakes including red velvet but haven't tried it yet.

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      I can't believe I never posted about this place!! It is excellent! The owner has certification from the California Culinary Institute (the diploma is framed) and he specializes in pastries. Though I haven't had the sweet stuff as often as I've had the other things. Their fresh bread is great. They have baguettes, twisted chalah, onion buns and a lot more. They have a whole charcuterie and will make you a fresh sandwhich with a 1/4 pound of meat for 5 bucks. They also have good knishes and other savoury things.
      Not only do the pastries look tasty, but they are edible pieces of art. The whole place is really very quaint and nicely put together.
      Really, give it a try for bread, sandwhiches or pastries. Everything is really good.

      1. re: berbatov

        Thanks for the report - I'll have to check it out. Here's the address:

        5211 Sherbrooke West - between Marlowe & Northcliffe on the north side of Sherbrooke. For the sake of search queries and out-of-towners, note that this part of Sherbrooke is technically still NDG, but it's a stone's throw from Westmount.

        Found a site (still rather sparse, but some info & pics):

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          Do they have croissants? And if so, how do they compare to Mamie Clafoutis'?

          1. re: cherylmtl

            Don't know about the croissants, but I just happen to have some baguette from there on Sunday- my sister lives on Northcliff and had some at dinner, and I wasn't all that impressed - they weren't very crusty and more chewy than airy. But that's just me. That being said, I've never been in, and indeed their pastries and sweets might be outstanding. I will try them for those, as I am always searching for good sweets. And now that I need to put on a few pounds, thanks to my legal/ family situation, I have no reason to hold back.

            1. re: maisonbistro

              I haven't been there yet, but the CA Culinary Institute is not the kind of place that would prepare someone to make top-notch croissants or baguette. Yuki needs to hire a young baker from France to show her how it's done.

              It's possible to get a decent croissant in San Francisco, but most places will offer something that suffers from the same affliction of the average American bagel, being big and bready.

              Montreal might be lacking in many aspects of its food scene, but it is definitely the best place in N America for French pastries and viennoiseries.

              This being said, I'm looking forward to trying Yuki's out, I'm sure there are some compelling offerings there.

              1. re: MTLjam

                I would add that the man who runs it is very personable and enjoyable to talk to. He makes it a welcoming place.

          2. re: berbatov

            I picked up a baguette and a few croissants earlier this morning, and it seems that none of the other bakeries I frequent have anything to worry about...The croissants are standard bready grocery-store quality, sadly lacking in any flakiness (Pain Dore's are better, if that says anything). And the baguette - meh. Perhaps their other products are better, but that was enough of being a guinea pig for me.
            Which is really too bad, because location-wise it would have been a lot more convenient for me to shop there than head all the way to Outremont.

            1. re: berbatov

              How are their challah and knishes - worth crossing town for? I wouldn't bother going to Westmount/that part of NDG for baguettes as everything around JTM, Outremont (Mamie) or Plateau (Fromentier on Laurier) is so much closer, but haven't found many good knishes and am not mad about Cheskies' challah.

          3. I've lived upstairs from the bakery for over a year and in the neighbourhood for about 3 years and I've been going there all along.

            They have excellent pastries (especially the lemon tarts) but pretty much everything is good. What's cool is they do the best bagels I've had (same style as St Viateur and Fairmount) and nothing beats fresh bagels close to home on a Sunday morning.

            Their rye is also one of my favorites, but I like all of their breads (with one exception: I agree about the baguette).

            They also make sandwiches, knishes, and other random snack food.
            Oh and their cookies -- YUM. The coconut chocolate swirls are buttery magic and their gingerbread cookies are as tasty as they are pretty.

            Bottom line: check it out.

            P.S. Yuki is a very nice woman you may see running around. The guy who works there is her husband.

            1. the couple that run it owned the van horne bagel in the same location before they changed the name. I haven't seen any huge jump in quality since. I have my doubts as to whether everything is made there.. baked there, yes.

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              1. re: C70

                Well they live in the building (it's a big appartment building), and they're there really early and leave really late, so I don't think they have any other facilities...

                1. re: simrit

                  I think what C70 is implying is that they buy much of their baked goods pre-made and frozen, and bake them on site - which would go a long way towards explaining the quality...

                2. re: C70

                  The owners are Asian(I didn't know they use to run the Van Horne bagel at same location)?

                  1. re: BLM

                    yeah, they took over when the old owner Jerry & his wife sold the place.

                    I checked the site, it appears that they have added a more homemade feel to it since I was last there.. I'm not slamming the place, it's just not a destination pastry shop, IMO.

                3. Can anyone provide me with the exact location? Sounds yummy, anxious to try it out :)

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                  1. We happened upon Yuki bakery today when following another CH recommendation to check out Boucherie Westmount. We stopped in to see the offerings and because everything looked so good, we decided to change our planned dessert and buy some cupcakes. We weren't expecting too much as cupcakes can often look better than they taste but I am very happy to report that these were just awesome! We tried a sea salt caramel (studded with rich dark chocolate), strawberry / rhubarb (flavourful compote atop and berries in the cake as well), pumpkin (candied pecans and perfectly spiced, great layers of flavour, our favorite of them all), and caramel apple (filled with caramelized apple). We were very pleasantly surprised by these, could be dangerous that it is so close to home! Price was reasonable given the quality of ingredients and service was friendly. We will definitely return to try more.

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                    1. re: megmtl

                      I agree! These have to be my favourite cupcakes in town. I usually get the lemon and the red velvet, but will definitely try to get strawberry/rhubarb and pumpkin next time I'm there.