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Sep 21, 2009 07:49 PM

Montauk Wedding Reception Food - Gurneys or Montauk Yacht Club?

HI, I'm planning a wedding for next year / late August. Curious if anyone has been to a wedding at either of these or other potential reception sites in Montauk - wondering which one has better food /ambience. I've read mixed reviews of both, but know that the yacht club has recently been renovated and has a new chef. Has anyone been recently? I love the idea of a beach wedding but want to make sure we the food is good!

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  1. Please avoid Gurneys, the food is pretty bad (aside from their baked goods) and if you were thinking of staying there, well just don't! Gorgeous view, but that's all they have going for them, sadly. Coworker had a wedding there and I heard lots of complaints.
    Haven't been to the yacht club since new ownership.

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    1. From year to year the Montauk Yacht Club varies in both food quality and service. In order to make the best selection, I suggest that you go out there in the near future and personally sample both places. We have experienced truly memorable poor service at times at the MYC. We have been to Gurney's during the week and had some really bad and pricey food there. It was mid-week and may be better on weekends.

      In the old days, many Montauk restaurants imported their help from Ireland. At the beginning of the summer they were totally inept due to inexperience, but as the summer wore on they became quite good. In August they would start leaving and many restaurants were seriously understaffed. Due to changes in work permits I believe that it has changed. Your time of the year is important. Late August is probably the worst time there for service because of the seasonal nature of the bulk of their help and many of them going back to college. This could be a critical issue on a well done wedding.

      I really think that a hands-on visit may save you a lot of money and grief.


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        thanks we're probably going to check it out this weekend. appreciate the advice.

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          The Irish students don't hardly come anymore due to the new work visas, plus the economy over there isn't so hot either, so no more "fun" summers in Montauk for the college kids. This year we saw mostly Jamaicans, because they get real work visas for 6 months instead of student visas, and they stay until Christmas if needed. But the restaurants aren't all that busy this year anyway, so I think alot of people will be going home early.

          I think September is a great time to check out Montauk, many places are closed during the week but as we all know, Gurneys is open 365 1/4 days a year ! Weekends til Columbus Day should be perfect, if the weather holds out.

        2. Hi! I can't say anything about Gurney's because I never got a chance to look at it, however, I did go to Montauk Yacht Club re: my upcoming wedding. They gave us a gift card to the restaurant to sample the menu and sample we did! It was very very good! They have a new head chef who I think is doing a great job. We ended up booking our wedding there after the tasting. Good luck!

          1. I've been to a few weddings at the Montauk Yacht Club - I thought the resort looked fabulous (I understand they recently underwent renovations). Everyone raved about the food and our room was very fresh and comfortable with a great view of Montauk Lake. The last wedding at Gurney's I saw pictures of had plastic chairs at the ceremony and reception (tacky!) I don't know about their food but I've been told their rooms are pretty run down. Like anywhere, you should try it first before committing but my vote would be the Montauk Yacht Club ... good luck!

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              That's so funny, the plastic chairs are what people I know mentioned too. The rooms are scary, like a run down boarding house with shower curtains to divide the room. Also the beach was full of dead seagulls for some reason! I hate to bash an institution, but there it is.