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Sep 21, 2009 07:04 PM

Oyster Crawl in Long Island

Hi everyone,

So I've been reading a lot about oysters and want to take a trip out to Long Island to try some from the source. I've been told that fine oysters can be found in Long Island’s East End: Peconic Bay, Noyac Bay, and Gardiner’s Bay, North Fork, Mecox Bay, Pipe’s Cove and Saddle Rock. But I'm having a hard time finding exact places to go to eat the damn thing. I searched chowhound as well as google and only came up with the growers themselves and at best frisky oyster in greenport.

I guess I'm looking for actual places like a shack, a bar, a restaurants that serve Long Island oysters in those areas mentioned above (particularly North Fork). I know there's an Oyster Fest out there in October but would rather avoid the crowd.


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  1. On the North Fork, Braun's Seafood is one of the largest suppliers.
    I think they have some tables outside now and they do retail. Contact them and check this out. Jerry and the Mermaid in Riverhead has excellent seafood. Out in Greenport there is Claudio's complex where there are a few Claudio restaurants and clam bars that have fresh seafood. They include Crabby Jerry's and a clam bar opposite this.


    1. Here's a place I want to try, they have $1 oysters during happy hour, so good place to start.
      PS the Oyster Festival is in Oyster Bay, not the East End, and it is about as crowded as it gets. Such a shame unless you live right there.

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        The Oyster Festival in Oyster Bay is on Oct 17-18 this year.
        I've been a few times, it gets VERY crowded. I'm fairly certain that most, if not all, of the oysters are shipped up from the south.

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          i'm pretty certain that the oysters comes out of Oyster Bay, which makes them Pine Island Oysters, and are harvested by Frank M Flower & Sons.