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Quality Cocktails- Midtown


Anyone have recommendations for quality cocktails in midtown? We are staying at the Warwick, so somewhere nearby would be great-
Fresh Ingredients are a must!
I'm looking for interesting infusions, creative drinks and new twists on old classics in a sophisticated setting.
Open to suggestions!

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  1. It's not particularly creative but the King Cole bar at the St. Regis is great for classic cocktails.

    For infusions, Russian Samovar.

    1. The Oak Bar at the Plaza for classic, classy cocktailing

      1. Two of my favorites sophisticated places for cocktails are the Flatiron Lounge and the Pegu Club (definitely has new twists on old classics).

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          2nd the Flatiron Lounge.

          I heard mixed review of Raines Law Room, but haven't been myself.

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            <I heard mixed review of Raines Law Room, but haven't been myself.>

            I have. The drinks are very good, although they're on the small side. But the speakeasy thing - you have to be buzzed in, you're crunched into a teeny booth and curtained off - is just annoying. Please let this trend die.

            Also, the OP requested suggestions in midtown. Raines, Flatiron & Pegu are not in midtown.

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              Agreed on how annoying the speakeasy thing is. Seriously.

              And you're right about the OP wanting recs in midtown! Maybe the Blue Bar at the Algonquin Hotel would do? IMHO, it's not as interesting or fun as Flatiron or Pegu, but the atmosphere is sophisticated and drinks are good.

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                The bar at the Carlyle on E. 77 is elegant.

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                  Who knew that chipmunks had such good taste? :)

        2. 48 (or actually Forty Eight) is a very new, very classy bar/lounge with an incredible staff and really nice inventive drinks.

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            I've not been there yet. I assume it's on 48th street? What are the cross avenues?

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                Thanks, I think I'll check it out tonight.

          2. And the Bar at the MoMA, great cocktails there

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              I second the Bar at MoMa, though it can also get crowded. I'd also suggest the campbell apartment at Grand Central station. I havent' had anything more than a basic cocktail but the setting is fantastic. Sort of like having a drink in some Robber Baron's library, like JP Morgan or William Randolph Hearst. If the weather is nice, there is a rooftop bar at the Peninsula but haven't been there in ages

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                I love the Campbell Apartment, but some people I've gone with didn't like the crowd. Still I think it's worth a visit for the setting alone. The Bar at the MoMa is also nice

            2. I work near the Warwick and have been to tons of places around there. Are you open to hotel / restaurant bars or are you looking for a lounge?

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                We are open to anything except wild and crazy dance clubs. Somewhere that allows for conversation and a nice drink. We do have a reservation at Milk and Honey because someone recommended it, but it is not in our hotel area...so other places closer would be great.

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                  If you want something like Milk and Honey, the place for you is the bar at the London Hotel, half a block from the Warwick on 54th st between 6th and 7th. I also recommend the Modern (as suggested above.) The owners of the Campbell Apartment also have a place called the Carnegie Club on 56th between 6th and 7th.

                  These places all meet your criteria. Try a google search and see what you think. If you want advice for more casual spots, let me know. My office is near the Warwick and I go out about 4 nights a week around there. The bars listed above are ones I would consider for a special occasion, as cocktails will easily run $17-$20. Where are you traveling from?

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                    Le Cirque's bar is ultra sophisticated, drinks are great (15-17) and service is excellent.

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                      We are traveling from New Orleans, so it is a special occasion- vacation. Perhaps only one drink at each place :)

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                      Milk and Honey is amazing and worth the trip -- friendly bartenders, nice atmosphere, great ingredients. If you like proper cocktails, this is one of the top (if not THE top) spot in town.

                  2. You have many excellent suggestions already.One place I would add is the lounge at Daniel.It's on East 65th st. btwn Madison and Park,so it's a bit of a walk.Probably 10 minutes or so.But they serve very good(expensive) drinks in a sophisticated setting.

                    1. Thank you all!! We have a reservation at Milk & Honey one night, dinner and drinks at Daniel another night and plan to hit as many on this list while we are there! Thanks to all and special thanks to chorosch for finding us some near the hotel!

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                        If you're looking for other cocktail bars at the level of Milk & Honey, Death & Company, PDT, and Pegu Club may be of interest if you have time to visit them.

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                          Here's a thread on kick-ass, old-school, hardcore art of cocktail mixology that you might find helpful: