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Sep 21, 2009 06:47 PM

Dining solo in Denver- need advice please!

I will be staying at the Doubletree near downtown. Can anyone recommend places nearby where I can eat alone (maybe at the bar). I am not picky about food but would like something different and nice. And I live in Texas so I don't need Mexican food. I have a car but would like to stay relatively close to the hotel/downtown area.


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  1. Downtown I would try Panzano or Mici. Rioja in LoDo has bar dining. You should also be served well dining solo at Luca d'Italia, Fruition and other fine dining establishments without bars (within 10 minutes drive of downtown).

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      If the Doubletree where you are staying is the one on Quebec, you're not really close to anything (by Colorado standards anyway). Driving distances are not great. That Doubletree runs a shuttle to "the Shops at Northfield," a gfairly new, fairly close retrail/dining development filled w/ chains.

      Beyond that, both downtown and Cherry Creek North are reasonably close, but if you are accustomed to driving into a parking lot at your restaurant, you might find parking to be an issue.

      For downtown, I would agree on the recommendations above. Mici if you're not on an expense account, because it's inexpensive and informal. In addition to Panzano and Rioja, there's Prima. Panzano is in the Hotel Monaco and Prima is in the Hotel Teatro -- and hotel restaurants customarily host solo diners. Another option is afternoon tea (served from 4 p.m.) in the Brown Palace's fabulous lobby. After that, you might not be hungry for dinner! These are all downtown.


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        If it is on Quebec, I believe the Berkshire is pretty close (alking distance?) and quite good. But you must be a fan of pork, the restaurant is an ode to the pig.

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          The Berkshire is a good spot. They do some great happy hour specials as well as good food. Casey's Irish Pub is across the street if you are looking to have good food with the bar atmosphere. They serve several Colorado beers as well.

    2. I'll second Panzano and Rioja; I'd add Osteria Marco and Ships Tavern. All have decent-sized bars for solo diners; the first three have very good food, and while I can't speak to the food at the fourth, it's in a historic, fancy hotel (the Brown Palace), so the atmosphere's great.

      New places downtown whose bar size I can't speak to yet but that are getting good buzz: TAG and Colt & Gray.

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        I had dinner at TAG a couple of weeks ago and it was fantastic. The standout for me was the butterfish time I'll beg for an entree sized portion. The menu is available online so check it out. My only complaint was the noise was very loud. The space is very industrial/urban with brick walls, high ceilings, and concrete floors so a loud dining experience is guaranteed. If you can tolerate the noise, you won't be disappointed with the food, for sure.