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Sep 21, 2009 05:49 PM

wiener schnitzel in LA

i've had the schnitzel at polka and, no, thats not what im talking about. is there anywhere to get a decent schnitzel in this town and a fine yeasty beverage?

( i go to eastern europe once or twice a year for work but i'm not trying to recreate anything. i'm looking for a simply acceptable version. i was in san francisco last week and ate at two places that served the shit (schnitzelhaus i'll always go back to, suppenkuchen never again) and there was another if i couldn't get my craving satisfied at either of those. so i'm hoping there is somewhere in LA to go for my veal schnitz)

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  1. How about the Red Lion Tavern near Silver Lake?
    2366 Glendale Blvd
    Los Angeles, CA 90039

    (323) 662-5337

    1. Very expensive but the one at Spago is exemplary.

        1. re: Das Ubergeek

          2nd this. They are very good.

          Alpine Village restaurant in Torrance is acceptable. They are very close to me, so we'll go there more often.

        2. The one at Csarda's is large, with a crisp crust, and usually not overcooked. It's served with potatoes and pickled cabbage. It's my second favorite.

          Surprisingly, my current favorite is the restaurant at Alpine Village. It's not overcooked, and the crust has a nice flavor to it. And they have an abundance of yeasty beverage. My only complaint is that they don't serve it with pickled cabbage. You get potatoes and steamed vegetables.

          And Maximilian's serves a decent version, with a lighter batter. The sides are underwhelming, though. This is the fanciest place of the three.

          Duna Csarda's
          5850 Melrose (at Vine)

          Alpine Village
          Torrance Blvd. (right off 110)

          11330 Weddington Street (at Tujunga)
          North Hollywood

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          1. re: lil mikey

            is duan csarda's and the rest veal or pork?


            1. re: lil mikey

              thanks a bunch lilmikey. csarda's and max's sound and look great.
              spago is a little too much of a pain in the ass show for me, and the red lion always disapooints me with cost vs. quality.

              1. re: mr mouther

                I believe spago is like 39 or 40 buckaroos for the shnitzel.

            2. The restaurant at the Phoenix Club in Anaheim has a good one served with potato pancakes and an egg on top.