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Sep 21, 2009 05:12 PM

LA Bread--same people as Village Bakery

Is it the same baker? My baguette last week was dreadful. Doughy and undercooked....

I heard complaints from others this week at the Hollywood Market.

Anyone know?

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  1. LA Bread has new owners and is now Village Bakery and Cafe, however the bread baker and bread recipes remain the same--everything else has been upgraded significantly.

    All I know about baking bread is what I learned from my mom, who used to tear her hair out because sometimes her bread just didn't come out right--and I do remember her swearing about the weather/humidity. She was a fantastic baker and sometimes her breads just failed. Of course, she wasn't a professional, but even they have no control over the weather and it has been very humid lately.

    1. Bauguettes can be a challenge, but atleast it looks like a bauguette... through out the years L.A. Breads bauguettes have been phenomonal! but can someone please tell me what is wrong with the scones?! there is no expanation for what they do, there is a difference in texture between a scone and a biscuit, please make referrence of that next time u guys bake, the taste should melt in my mouth not crumble in my hand...
      The muffins are smaller and have a chewy texture, excluding the carn/almond, what happened to the bran blueberry?! you guys took the best thing and turned it upside down then killed it... Please L.A bread or the village, bring back those beautiful scones and muffins! they made my friends and me happy to know that we were going to have one every weekend @ silverlake farmers market... hope to see a difference soon, cause your customers are unhappy, it hurts to walk by Louie and not buy anything. He(louie) is like the bartender of the market; always has a smile and is willing to answer any question and listen... bring back the goods!!
      I must go in for breakfast, Louie says its the best new thing...

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        is this the same village bakery and cafe as used to be in costa mesa in the camp minimall I think?