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Sep 21, 2009 05:00 PM

What's your best pork tenderloin recipe you can share with me?

I feel like I have made it every possible way. Although everyone loves what I do with them, just curious what everyone else's are.

Thanks so much!

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  1. Tried this? Marinate in 1 tablespoon of cinnamon and a half cup of high quality maple syrup. Mmm. Very good.

    1. ...and grill it to perfection.

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      1. re: scuzzo

        I love the flavor of maple syrup with pork! I have done a recipe like this, but not with the cinamon...thanks scuzzo!!! I think I may try! :)

        1. re: Angelina

          Similar-I did one Sunday night that I marinated in a mixture of garlic, rosemary, dijon mustard, maple syrup and some badly fermented apple juice I had in the fridge- great flavors!

      2. I grill it on my outdoor gas grill. Prepare an apricot sauce to pour over when serving.
        1 jar apricot preserves, 1/2 tsp ginger, 1 tsp red wine vinegar and 2 to 3 tbsp spicey brown mustard.

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        1. My favorite way to make pork tenderloin is to slather it with Walkerswood or Busha Brown's jerk paste. Let it sit for around a half hour, then grill. Very hot, but delicious. Great accompanied by sliced avocado and tomatoes.

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            i LOVE Walkerswood jerk paste! But I use it sort of sparingly. It's got such a great flavor!

            1. re: scuzzo

              Oh yeah, if you don't want it blisteringly hot you can use just a little. :) Or, you can cut it with Worcestershire sauce and make more of a marinade. Also great served with some mango salsa to cut the heat. I also prefer Walkerswood, but sometimes it can be hard to find. Busha Brown's is also good (not the sauce, just the paste) and is a decent second choice.

            2. re: Eatin in Woostah

              LOVE spicy anything! I have to look for this jerk paste. Thanks for the tip !

            3. Salt, pepper, and onion powder rubbed on the loin. Sear on all sides. Place in roaster and surround with mixed dried fruit of your choice (apples, apricots, plums, cranberries, pears, a little crystallized ginger in mine) and a few fresh sage leaves. Pour in apple cider (enough to see it surrounding the fruit). Cover and roast at 375 until thermometer says done. Remove loin and fruit to a platter and reduce pan juice spiked with a little calvados until it thickens into a sauce. Pour some over loin and fruit and pass the rest. Ham and chicken are nice this way too.