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Sep 21, 2009 04:54 PM

quality group (15 people) dining experience that won't break the bank and near the Fountainbleau

I need to take a group out to dinner. It would be great if the restaurant was within 15 minutes from the Fountainebleau. I like Michael's Genuine Food & Drink but think it will be a hike to get there and is a little bit more than I can spend for the group. Any restaurants near the hotel but with great vibe and delish food?

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  1. Not sure what your budget is like but Talula, at 23rd off Collins Ave., has great food, does a good job with groups and has a nice outdoor patio area.

    More casual and not nearly at the same level for the food, but might be fun, is Las Vacas Gordas on Normandy Circle (71st Street, a few blocks west of Collins) for Argentine parrillada. The place was recently expanded and redecorated and is always lively.

    I haven't been myself but friends tell me Creek 28 (28th St. and Indian Creek Dr.) is good, and I've always liked the space in the Indian Creek Hotel.

    Indomania (26h St. off Collins) is a favorite of mine but the Dutch-Indonesian food may not be for everyone. Small place and I'd definitely check in advance as to their ability to handle a group.