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Sep 21, 2009 04:38 PM

Diced Garlic in a jar - a travesty or do you think it is OK?

I love garlic and cook with it every week or so. I found that often fresh garlic that I would buy would end up getting soft, sprouting etc., so with some reluctance on a night when I felt like an easy solution I bought the refrigerated chopped garlic in a jar to see what kind of results I would get. To my surprise, it seemed to work well enough, and on the lid of the jar was instruction about what amount to use vs. a fresh clove in a recipe. In general I am still a fresh ingredients purist, and I will buy fresh garlic in the future, but this worked well for me, and I may very well buy it again.

I was wondering what other Chowhounders experience with jarred garlic was?

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  1. YOu don't cook often enough for your fresh stuff to last, so you are wasting. If you like the results of the jarred, USE it! You are eating it, no one else is judging it.

    You might look to doing your own "jarred". I have saved jars that have good rubber looking gaskets tops, to reuse for my own stuff to keep in the frig. I have taken a Sat. afternoon to roast a bunch of garlic head in the oven with great olive oil. Then I saved it all in a jar in my frig. lasted well and sometime I just used the oil.

    1. I have never found a jarred garlic that I liked. I have minced my own (both fresh and roasted) then flattened them in zip lock bags and froze them. I can easily take a "chunk" off to use if I run out of fresh. I think frozen has a better flavor than jarred.

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        Interesting! I have never saved and frozen garlic. To be honest, I know myself; Instead of freezing and re-using I would probably just go out and buy fresh, but that is a great idea. The brand I have is Roland, and it has good flavor.

        1. re: SamuelAt

          It works really well. I freeze alot though. I like to buy different kinds of garlic at the peak of the season, then freeze some. It avoids the gross little shriveled bulbs available in the stores at times.

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            I've used the Roland brand before, but I prefer the larger container that a friend bought me from Costco. Just make sure not to get the top layer of garlic 'dry'- as in don't pour off too much liquid.

            It worked fine for me, and if I needed to roast a head of garlic, I went and bought one and used it right away. Now I use lots more garlic and buy it fresh. But... at the time I used the jarred stuff and it was great.

          2. re: sedimental

            I only like the Christopher Ranch jarred Garlic. Most of the other brands( they use Chinese garlic) suck.

            1. re: Calipoutine

              Can you describe some of the different types of garlic and which is preferable?

          3. I use more garlic now BECAUSE it is in a jar and all minced already, just keep it cold and it will last.

            1. I found a big jar at Costco for about $4.00, will save me a bunch of time making Paella and other big cooks.

              1. I use both. Some times I just do not have fresh on hand. The jarred is easy to keep on hand and use. I see nothing wrong with using some things like this. It is garlic, not some fake, flavored, chemical composition. Fresh is great, but jarred fills a need, too.