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Sep 21, 2009 04:25 PM

Paso Robles

Anyone know of any really good small producer wines from Paso Robles? Any vineyards that are dry-farmed, organically or biodynamically farmed and fermented using natural/native yeasts would be great! Thanks

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  1. Tablas Creek Winery is owned by the Perrin family that produces the famed Ch. Beaucastel. They grow organically and i thought practiced dry farming techniques as well. they make lovely wines in the southern Rhone style.

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      Some the the TC wines are really, really, lucious. The Esprit de Beaucastel wines are the top, the Cotes de Tablas Wines are iffy, depending on what you like, year etc...some of the single varietals are great, some not. I loved the 2007 Rousanne

    2. **Linne Calado, sustainable farming practices

      **L'Aventure, organically grown.

      **Terry Hoage Vineyards -- sustainable

      **Booker Vineyard -- organic, sustainable and biodynamic, not certified

      *Tablas Creek is certified organic. Good tour.

      *Halter Ranch is certified sustainable.

      Ancient Peaks/Margarita Vineyard uses organic farming practices.

      AmByth is certified biodynamic.

      FWIW, in terms of good flavor, I much prefer organically- and sustainably-grown wine grapes, rather than organically made wine.

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      1. re: maria lorraine

        Linne Calado, which I like, can't be getting those alcohols using native yeasts.

        1. re: SteveTimko

          What kind of alcohol levels are we talking about here?

          Earlier this year, a visiting Rhône winemaker who uses only indigenous yeasts (and who sometimes turns out wines approaching and even exceeding 16%) speculated that commercially produced superyeasts had escaped into the wild and transferred some of their alcohol tolerance to the indigenous yeasts. Guess there could also be a perverse kind of natural selection going on. In any case, in southern France at least, any number of non-interventionist winemakers are producing 15+% wines using native yeasts.

          1. re: carswell

            well one must also then wonder at what brix those winemakers are picking their grapes, amongst other factors...

        2. re: maria lorraine

          I was just in Paso Robles about a month ago. I've already been on Linne Calodo's mailing list but it was very nice to visit. Terry Hoage and Booker were also excellent.

        3. Vista del Rey meets your specifications, I believe. Dave King even told me he moves the rattlesnakes he finds in the vineyards without harming them. Additionally, I have found these wines excellent with food, as they are not big fruit bombs. I enjoyed the visit and the wines.

          1. Denner; I don't happen to know what they do in the vineyard, etc.