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LAX - BOS: Fried Clams & Lobster Rolls...

Have been reading the posts and culling the list on the afore mentioned local specialties. Sounds like Neptune’s, B&G and Summer Shack (not necessarily in that order...but maybe) are the top contenders while I'm passing through the city.

I'll be visiting a sister in Beverly, and then a friend on Nantucket for a few days. North Shore and Cape recommendations in those stretches? Maybe a wooden picnic table in the harbor somewhere for a warm autumn day?

Food over view... of course.

I'll be checking back often.


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  1. Cannot help you with Nantucket (may want to try the New England Board) but on the Northshore head up to Essex and Ipswich for numerous great options...some say the Clam Box in Ipswich has the best fried clams. In Essex the Village Restaurant has excellent chowder and fried fish; also in Essex, Farnham's is very popular as is Woodman's.

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      BB, Thanks for the reply. On the No. Shore, sounds like Clam Box or Village might be the way. I was also looking for So. Shore recs. for the same, not so much Nantucket.


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        South shore, Hingham qualifies. the Lobster POund in Hingham, near the Harbor on route 3A. If its nice, grab them to go and its a short walk or shorter car ride to the beach (furhter south on 3A) where there is a Pavilion and seating I believe.

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          Keep in mind that the Clam Box is basically a take-out clam shack (though rather large) and The Village Restaurant is a casual sit-down restaurant. On Cape Cod, in Eastham, one of the most popular and famous would be Arnold's right along Rt 6 heading towards P-Town for fried seafood. I would second the recommendation in Hingham for the Hingham Lobster Pound. Also, Arthur and Pat's in Marshfield (only open for lunch) is highly thought of.

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            And I just remembered if you are near Falmouth, head over to Mashpee to the Raw Bar for what many say is the best and largest lobster roll on the Cape (they also opened an outlet in Hyannis this summer).

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              To correct some mis-information, the Clam Box is certainly not "basically a take-out clam shack". It is a sit-down restaurant without table service. You order at the counter and sit in the dining room to eat. Easily 90% of their business is "eat-in".
              (according to the owner)
              Most consider it the best in the area for fried clams.

        2. To/from Logan Airport, stop by Belle Isle Seafood in East Boston. Fantastic lobster rolls and fried seafood. They often sell out of popular items and are prompt with closing time, you must place your order by 6:30pm. This is a fish store but there is counter space for eating, nio picnic tables, no frills. In ACK, believe it or not the airport restaurant Hutch's has a decent lobster roll as does the club car.

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            Nantucket recs:
            Black-eyed Susan's: don't miss this if you can. Tough to figure out in one day though; they don't take reservations, people line up at 6pm to either sit right away or get a time for later in the evening. But fabulous flavors in a typical low key Nantucket setting.

            The Boarding House.

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              Lines and availability at the Nantucket places shouldn't be too much an of an issue this time of year. I agree that Black-Eyed Susans is consistently one of the best choices for both breakfast and dinner on the island. The menu is varied and fresh with local ingredients. As an added bonus, BES is one of the few places on the island that do not carry a significant price premium.

              American Seasons is our favorite place on the island both in terms of atmosphere and food. You can point your finger at anything on the menu and put together a phenomenal meal.

              We personally prefer The Pearl to the boarding house. The asian influenced menu is a different take than the other restaurants on the island. The Pearl's atmosphere is somewhat unexpected for Nantucket and the service is always excellent.

              Another nice surprise was the Straight Wharf. We hadn't been there since the new chefs took over a year or more back? We were pleasantly surprised by the quality and presentation of all the food.

              Something Natural is a must for sandwiches, and the shop at Bartlett's Farm offers some excellent product and groceries. You can stop at the Cisco Brewery for some beer, wine and vodka tasting when you head out to the farm.

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              FYI for those who do no know - ACK is the code for the Nantucket Airpot.

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                Eh...we were underwhelmed by Belle Isle...for someone coming from LA, I would not recommend going out of your way for it.

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                  Thanks for your opinion. Much appreciated.

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                    I agree. I was very disappointed when trying Belle Isle. Clams were like chewing on elastic bands. We threw them out.

                2. Well Thanks folks, looks like I'm covered. From the Clam Box to the north, to Black Eyed Susans on the Island, and every deep fryer along the way.

                  Just what the doctor (didn't) order.


                  1. I also throw my hat in the ring for Clam Box clams. Also, their clam chowder is some of the best I've ever had (and I've had a lot). Yum.

                    1. So the Clam Box it is to the north. Black Eyed Susans on the Island.


                      Pick 2 of the below. 1 on the way south, amd 1 on the way back.

                      Hingham Lobster Pound
                      Raw Bar Inc (Mashpee
                      )Raw Bar On Ocean St (Hyannis)
                      Spankys ?
                      Arnold's Lobster & Clam Bar A bit out of the way, unless it's a must.

                      Thanks, I CANNOT wait.

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                        Arnold's is very good probably not a "must" though if out of your way. Another possibility is I hear that the Sesuit Harbor Cafe in Dennis is excellent for fried seafood, otherwise I suggest amongst your choices would be the Raw Bar for lobster roll at whichever location is more convenient for you and the Hingham Lobster Pound. Keep in mind that the Hingham Lobster Pound is take-out but if it's a nice day you are only a 10 second drive to the parking lot overlooking picturesque Hingham Harbor and there are picnic tables. Another consideration close to the Hingham Lobster Pound is Jakes in Hull, perhaps not quite as good as the HLP but still quite good and a sit down restaurant overlooking the bay and World's End. Jake's has been sort of an institution in Hull for about 50 years but it is seasonal so check the closing dates.

                      2. Since you will be in Beverly already, I recommend JT Farnhams for clams, not too far up 128 in essex. Clam box is good too, but Farnhams has a view of a salt marsh. Better selection at Farnhams as well if clams are not what you or someone with you wants. The haddock sandwich is amazing. They also do lobsters and serve beer. Lobster roll at Neptune is not to be missed. One of the better N shore rolls is at Ipswich Clambake, and its a short hop from Beverly. Lobster pie from the causeway in gloucester is very good as well, basically 2 or so lobsters in butter with breadcrumbs.

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                          I'll agree that on the Cape...Raw Bar is a great deal and traditional ($16-ish)...if you want to blow it out....an unexpected choice also in Falmouth is the Quarterdeck. While it is NOT my favorite place for high end food (let's just say it goes along with my father-in-law's favorite thing about seafood restaurants...it has a nautical theme, portholes for decor, and baked stuff shrimp with a stiff manhattan). ....the Quarterdeck has a HUGE lobster sandwich on pillowy, white portuguese bread...so soft, and I swear there is an entire 1.5 lb. lobster in there with just the right amount of mayo and celery!

                          In the city, Neptune Oyster's hot lobster roll (brioche roll with melted butter instead of mayo) and nice fries....SUPER!

                        2. Well that ought to keep me knee deep in deep fryer fat.

                          Clam Box / Farnams / Ipswich Clambake Co ? Life is full of choices.

                          Neptunes - Yes

                          Raw Bar - Yes

                          Black Eyed Susan's - Yes

                          Quarterdeck - Maybe - Think they'll mind if I dress like a pirate?

                          Thanks so much for your help, Now get a life!

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                            Good list there, but Clam Box is far superior to Farnham's. CB has consistently fresher clams, less greasy, and you can even specify fat bellies. (by request-not on the menu.)
                            Also, much more varied menu at CB, if someone in your party doesn't want clams.
                            But why would you even invite someone like that???
                            Have fun!

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                              Nope the Clam Box is excellent. That said, all of the clam shacks along 133 can turn out excellent clams, the most important factor being the quality of the clams (which I think they're all subject to), and the freshness of the fat or oil they cook in. I've had great and not so great clams at all of them. The Clam Box may be the most consistent, though.
                              Long way of saying derekj is right!

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                                With mid week, beginning of October excursions, I should be able to avoid the masses witch are usually responsible for messing up a clean load of fryer oil.

                                3 days and counting.

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                                  I can't wait to hear all about it! We'll all be sitting there w. you in spirit!

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                                    The Clam Box is the best!!! I wish I had time to go there more than about 2x/yr. If you find yourself in Hingham, the Hingham Lobster Pound is very very good too.