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Sep 21, 2009 03:53 PM

Are Vendy Awards Worth $80?

I am debating buying a ticket to the Vendy Awards. I've been hitting the street trucks for 10 years now and am a big fan. Actually, I've hit them before that at Rutgers in NJ, my first "grease truck" introduction (Fat Cat anyone?) which then evolved into a Philadephia "grease trucks" dining at UPENN.

But I am debating whether to spend $160 for two tickets to the Vendy Awards. $80/person is expensive, when I eat from a good chunk of these trucks for $10.

Additionally, the partner I may go with is vegetarian. I would hate to spend $80 for her to eat a vegetable fried rice and a falafel..

I understand the need to support trucks.. and I do a few times a week (by frequenting their establishments).. BUT.. $80 to wait on even longer lines for same food (this annoys me a lot honestly..).. plus a few beers.. seems a bit much?

Someone convince me to go.. please :-)

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  1. YES! It's an amazing event in so many ways . The lines do get long, but you'll need breaks in between food carts. It's a lot of food (the vendors always give generous portions). I'm not sure that your vegetarian friend will enjoy the savory foods as much (deserts should be fine), but the atmosphere should make up for it. There will be plenty to eat! Just go early and plan to make a day of it.

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      ....and it's a charity event, some portion must be deductible...

    2. A million times yes. You get way more food at the Vendys than at other Taste of Whatever benefits that are always cropping up and cost more. Plus, its an amazing party--food, drink, free admission to the museum, music, raffles etc... Its just an awesome foodie event all around. Could you go to all 12 of the carts yourself and spend less than the $80? Maybe maybe not. But that's not what its about. And yes, some portion of the ticket is deductible, the rest goes to a very important cause.

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        You guys almost have me there.. need to decide if I want to make a day of it or not.. weather seems to be a brisk 65 (day before forecasted much warmer/sunday warmer and rainer) and seems like a fun event...