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Sep 21, 2009 03:46 PM

Breakfast Business Meeting Suggestions - Either Midtown or Union Square area

I am looking for a place in either the Midtown or Union Square areas to have a client breakfast meeting? Between 2 and 4 people. The Coffee Shop in Union Square is just too noisy.
Thanks for the assistance.

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  1. more info would help. are you looking for more upscale dining or relaxed? is price an issue? how far up in midtown are you willing to travel?

    some suggestions off the top of my head are 71 Irving Place (great coffee, casual, lite breakfast menu), Country Restaurant (somewhat upscale, madison + upper 20's), or Asiate (columbus cir, upscale, great views of cp)

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      Thank you for your response. In regards to more info, looking for a moderate price place that is conducive for conversation. Regarding midtown, looking between Lexington and 6th Ave, between 38th and 46th.

    2. We usually go to the roosevelt hotel or brasserie 44

      1. my colleagues always go to pershing square near grand central.

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          good call, mch. forgot about pershing even though i walk by it everyday. i think that would be perfect for what you're looking for, dr c.

        2. I'm sure this is too late..but Market on 6th avenue and 21st is a great bet...great eggs bene et al..deserted in the mornings

          1. My husband takes clients to Norma's. It might be a little bit further than the area you mentioned..