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Sep 21, 2009 03:39 PM

ISO Boar's Head brand meats

Hi... Recently located to the Pacific Northwest (Vancouver, BC) but travel (drive) extensively through Washington and Oregon. From my old home (Boise) I was able to enjoy the in the local markets excellent products from Boar's Head... bacon...frankfurters...pastrami... ham... turkey...etc. The problem is I can't seem to find it anywhere in Vancouver as well as Seattle, Portland, Bend, Eugene. Does anybody know a good source in this area for Boar's Head products? Thanks so much

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  1. I think you can get it at QFC, right?

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      Right - both the meats and cheeses.

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        Yes, QFC in Seattle area carried Boar's Head.

      2. East SIde Deli on SE Hawthorne and 47th in Portland uses Boar's Head Meats.

        But really, you can get some better house made stuff at Chop on NW 21st or Laurelhurst Market's Butcher Counter on E. Burnside. They make their own ham, turkey and roast beef - they sell it by the lb. and also make sandwiches.

        1. I'm not sure if they still carry Boar's Head but you used to be able to get it at Thriftway.

          1. In Eugene:

            Benedetti's Meat Market & Deli, located on MLK Blvd in Springfield

            Long's Meat Market, Eugene

            They both also carry lots of Boar's Head cheese

            1. Thanks for all the input. I will try these places when I go down to the States this weekend.