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Sep 21, 2009 03:31 PM

Looking for perfectly cooked Rack of Lamb in the Nashua/Lowell area.

We are looking for a restaurant that cooks the perfect rack lamb or at least tries their very best to cook the perfect rack of lamb. It's my husbands birthday and while he is happy to eat the tofu and tempeh dishes I prepare I would love to be able to treat him to a delicious dinner out. We will drive any where in NE for a good meal so any suggestions would be appreciated.

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  1. This is a challenging post because few restaurants specialize in rack of lamb. MIchael Timothy's sometimes has it as a special--give them a call, they might accommodate you. . Speaker's Corner in the Crowne Plaza has it on the menu.

    1. Kastore Restaurant is close to me in North Chelmsford, and is Greek owned and operated. It is on Rt. 3A along the river, just north of Vinal SQ. In North Chelmsford.
      The menu is now online, but seems to fall short of a full rack of lamb. My wife has had the baked lamb, which turns out to be a lamb shank. Fall off the bone tender.
      Also very casual, and very relaxed,with full bar and keno.
      The downfall is that there is a token sampling of Greek specialties, not a full menu.

      I've never been, but the long standing restaurants with Greek cuisine have been:
      Olympia Restaurant (since 1952) 453 Market St., Lowell
      Athenian Corner (since 1974 for the current owners) 207 Market St., Lowell
      Also Evzon, in the Courthouse SQ plaza at Drum Hill in Chelmsford is close by.

      1. Saffron Bistro has Rack of Lamb on there menu. Best Rack of Lamb i've ever eaten!!!
        Saffron Bistro, 80 Main St. Nashua, NH

        1. If you are willing to go to a chain restaurant, the OutBack Steakhouse has a full rack of lamb served with a wine sauce, garlic mashed potatoes and vegetable for less than $20......just to purchase a full rack of lamb in a store usually costs $13-15(at my local Costco), so the value is very good in my opinion. It may not be the best....but it is very good. In my area, a full rack of lamb in a steakhouse or Italian restaurant would charge $ when I want a lamb fix, I head to Outback.

          btw.....the lamb is from New Zealand and you can check for locations and the local menu online

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            You know, we love the Outback in Lowell very much and they always have a fantastic Rack of Lamb (but don't like many other locations - for some reason, this one we love the food).

          2. A year ago, I had a rack of lamb at LaBoniche in Lowell that melted in my mouth. I don't remember if it was a special, so you might want to call first and ask if/when it's on the menu. Reservations are definitly needed.