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Sep 21, 2009 03:18 PM

Best Mexican food in Old Town Scottsdale?

I am more of a Southeast Valley girl myself, so I'm not as familiar with a lot of places in Scottsdale.

I am helping plan a bachelorette party where a group of late 20s/early 30s ladies (mostly from LA) will be coming to visit. The bride has requested that one of our dinners be Mexican food. Any suggestions for a place in Old Town that has great Mexican food and will accommodate a (probably loud) group of 10-12 ladies?

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  1. Not right in Old Town, but Julio G's is pretty nearby, on Indian School between Scottsdale and Hayden.

    The chow isn't my absolute favorite in town, but it's reliably good (as are the drinks), and the atmosphere is loud and festive, perfect for a group like this.

    1. Not technically "Mexican," but The Mission is very good. Self-described Latin food, with many dishes of Mexican influence.

      Los Sombreros is also excellent, albeit a few minutes outside of the "Old Town" area. Not sure if you were looking to stay within walking distance of a particular hotel or bar, but if you're willing to drive a very brief distance, it's a great option.

      Both places are pretty small, but a group of 10-12 should be pretty easily accomidate anywhere.

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        Los Sombreros also gets my vote, though crsin is right--probably not in walking distance of Old Town hotels, but not a bad cab ride by any means. There are a few other places that serve Mexican, but I'd definitely pick Los Sombreros over all of them. Los Olivos is okay, but not my favorite. Everything else is along the lines of Loco Patron and Salty Senorita, which are more like bars that happen to have food. Which, after a few margaritas, isn't necessarily a bad thing, just probably not what you're looking for. Oh, and of course, if you've had a LOT of tequila, Super Burrito's open after bar close. ;)

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          I'll second The Mission. It's lively & appropriately hip for your crowd. Excellent drinks menu -- not just standard margaritas. Very good & interesting food. And definitely right in Old Town.

          The Mission
          3815 North Brown Avenue, Scottsdale, AZ 85251

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            Go to Mission. You won't be disappointed. Call ahead. The management is very cool and the food is ridiculously good.

        2. How's Frank and Lupe's? I remember going there maybe 6-7 years ago, but remember nothing about the food...

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            Has anyone tried Cien Agaves Tacos & Tequila? It has pretty good reviews. I've gone there for drinks and to watch a band, but had already eaten somewhere else. It seemed a good place for a group since it's fairly new and not trendy/crowded, despite being close to trendy/crowded palces.