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Sep 21, 2009 03:04 PM

Lamb sausage -- All sorts -- East Bay

Where in the East Bay can I buy lamb sausages? I'm missing the sort that were made & sold in the great deli that used to be on Hopkins St. in Berkeley where Magnani's is now. That being said, I'm interested in hearing about any lamb sausage you might have eaten and thought good.


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  1. Both Berkeley Bowls make their own lamb and rosemary sausage. It is great and anyone I've recommended it to has loved it.

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      1. Darn! What was thename of the place before it became Magnani's?

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        1. Fatted Calf sells a nice Merguez at the Saturday Berkeley Farmers Market.

          The Prather Ranch stand at the Grand Lake and Temescal Farmers Markets has a larger lamb sausage with pomegranate. I find it a bit overwhelming, but have friends who really like it.

          1. The packaged merguez from Marcel et Henri, which I've seen recently at the west Berkeley Bowl, is really good and lamby.

            Also good are the (packaged, frozen) sausages from Mangal's in San Leandro.