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Sep 21, 2009 02:49 PM

Any recent take on Oleana

Considering dining here on Wednesday but the Board views seem mixed. Any recent experiences? Do folks think this is delicious food or not? What are the best dishes?

thanks for any help you can provide.

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  1. Was there in the last month or so. As good as ever. I recommend it.

    First, if the weather is nice, sit outside. They don't take reservations for outside, but on a Wednesday you could snag an outside seat if you get there early enough, and the wait won't be too long even later in the evening. Oleana's outdoor patio is one of the most attractive outdoor spaces I have ever eaten in.

    To eat: All of the pret a mangers, which are two-or-three bite quick-to-bring-out mezzes, are delicious. Get several--one or two more than you think you want--and enjoy them. The appetizers are also good. The spinach falafel with beet tzatziki is delicious, even if you don't like beets. Entrees are less consistent, but generally good. Specials are always good.

    But, in my opinion, the best avenue is the vegetarian tasting menu, which I recommend even to non-vegetarians such as myself. It is four courses plus dessert, each a well-sized (not small) portion, usually featuring local veggies and (particular with the last dish) some creativity. At $36, it is a bargain, and if you are dining with a companion and both get the tasting menu, the kitchen sends out different dishes for each of you for each course, which is a nice touch.

    The tasting menu used to be $42 and five courses plus dessert; with the new $36 for four variant, no pret a mangers are included. This is a great change, letting you order a couple pret a mangers of your own selection before the tasting menu.

    Drinks: I'm not crazy about their oddball wine list, but there are some decent selections on there. Also great beer and delicious seasonal cocktails.

    Service is great.

    Go and enjoy!

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      I agree with all of that. A trip about a month ago was absolutely superb. I actually think it is better now than it was a year ago.

      Save room for dessert.

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        Are the board reviews really mixed? I'm not here all that often, but I've never seen anything negative about Oleana!

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          Just to clarify- last I went they still didn't have a full license, so the "cocktails" are made with wine & other low-alcohol spirits.

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            If they still have the special I had last week - diver scallops with brussels sprouts, parmesan-prosciutto crumble, husk cherries! - get this.
            If they still have the special app of shrimp cocktail with spoon salad with cucumber and sorrel ice, get this. This was better than anything I recently had at O Ya, imho.

          2. I went for the first time about a month ago. Amazing food in a beautiful setting on the patio. We (a group of three) ordered the vegetarian tasting menu (split 3 ways), plus 2 pret a mangers, 3 appetizers, and 2 desserts. Plenty of food for three.

            Both pret a mangers were outstanding -- whipped feta w/ peppers and spicy carrot purée. I don't remember everything on the veggie tasting menu, but as rlove says it was unique and creative throughout. Two things that stand out a month later were a heirloom tomato salad on a barley-red wine biscuity thing (hard to describe, but delicious and an unusual treatment of heirloom tomatoes) and the eggplant and lamb dumplings (which we had as one of our supplemental apps).

            1. Had dinner there on Saturday night. No reservation and showed up when the doors opened to a line already 10 deep. The outdoor seating is really great - the falafel, sultans delight and little apps are must haves. I had the pork sausage with orange and cumin. It was ok...

              But the highlight by far and the dish that made my week was the bread pudding. It is back for the fall and having eaten desserts all over boston, in my opinion this is one of the best. The consistency of the caramel/crunchy top and the warm, soft bready based is an experience. I am still thinking about it...

              Oh yeah - my wife had the corn ice cream and that was pretty good as well.