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Sep 21, 2009 02:16 PM

What to order at Osteria Mozza?

I know there has been a lot of debate on the board re: whether Osteria Mozza is any good, but for those who find it tolerable - what are the winners on the menu? I have a business dinner there tonight and would like to go with something yummy, though probably on the lighter side. Any thoughts would very much appreciated.


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  1. Not on the lighter side but my favorites have included the guinea hen, the quail, the beef brasato and the leg of lamb. All the pastas I have tried have been great as well. The monkfish alla diavolo looked good but I have not had it.

    1. I love the ravioli with ricotta cheese & egg.

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        I have only been to Mozza once so I don't pretend to be an expert on its menu, but I too loved the ravioli with ricotta cheese and egg.

      2. The menu has a lot of options - I would say go w/ what speaks to you ingredient-wise. The pastas are indeed 'primi' courses and, as such, not ginormous family-style servings. The nice thing being that you could have something that is otherwise rich (and wonderful), like the gnudi and not be overwhelmed. Just make sure to order the rosemary cakes w/ olive oil ice cream and rosemary brittle for dessert - really lovely!

        1. I went October of last year. It was good but expensive. My review is below:

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            We went a couple weeks ago for the third time; I like the pastas the best; my favorite is the orechiette with sausage. The pasta verde with the lamb ragu and the tortolloni with dandelion greens was also quite good. The burrata with bacon and escarole was really good. All the mozzerella dishes are fairly small as are the pastas so they would make for a nice light meal. I was disappointed in the secondis: the orata, rabbit and veal. All were way too salty. Like with babbo and lupa in nyc, I find the pastas and appetizers to be way better than the secondis; usually I don't even order the secondis but I decided to give it another try on the last visit, unfortunately.

          2. I love the octopus. It's a meaty hunk of charred seafood goodness. And the bucatini all'amatriciana was lifechanging the first time I had it, though merely very good the second.

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              Second that vote on the octopus. Really terrific combination of tastes, textures and color. Trick is finding THE wine to accompany it.

              And of course, anything from the Mozzarella Bar if Nancy SIlverton is in attendance. Culinary speaking, that woman rocks my world!

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                I third that octopus. I have it everytime I go. And what wine? Hm...gotta point there.

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                  How about the Valentino Brut Zero sparkling wine? I can't get enough of that stuff. And since it is only offered by the glass, you could have it with the appetizer and move on to a bottle of something else with the pasta and/or main course.

                  P.S. It is a little pricey at $22 a glass, unfortunately.

                  1. re: omotosando

                    Pretty good idea although I think I'd look for an Albarino if they served Spanish wines. Don't know my Italian wines well enough to find one that is the equivalent. Anybody?

                    That said, when we visited, we spoke to the sommelier about our preferences, budget and dishes. His recommendation was terrific, within the budget and paired very well with the disparate dishes of 4 diners. I'd go with him again.